An open letter to Mayor Lobregat PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:45

June 30,2011

City Mayor
Zamboanga City

Dear Sir:
Allow us to take this opportunity to tell you what should have been said before which through our own negligence due to so many matters needing our attention, we miserably failed to do so.
The ZAMBOANGA MARKET STALL OPERATORS, Inc. would like to express their gratitude for the chance your honor have afforded us to be a part of your program, specifically your Cleanliness and Beautification program.

When your late mother, Madam Clara L. Lobregat first allowed us to proceed with our proposal for the establishment of rest rooms in St. Cruz and Bagsakan, we were so elated. This however, did not end there, for her honor also permitted us to operate and maintain the rest room at Plaza Pershing.

Through all these years that you honored the commitment of Madam Clara Lobregat, we too gave our best in maintaining the resi rooms entrusted to us and in the process, we felt that we, somehow became a contributory factor in your program of a clean city.

Permit us then to say, ‘thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service to our constituents, to continually be able do so, and to we, however small, contributes to your program”.

Very truly yours,
In behalf of the Zamboanga Market Stall Operators, Inc.
Lulu C. Mangaoang (Sgd)