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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Fear the Lord and the king, my son, and do not join with rebellious officials…” (Proverbs 24:21, the Holy Bible).

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HERE’S WHY FILIPINO INVENTORS DO NOT GET GOV’T SUPPORT: We Filipinos should not really be surprised anymore that our present and past governments have not been doing anything to help our countrymen who have invented machines, gadgets, and other instruments that could have allowed all of us to live better lives, economically and socially, just like the “salt-water lamp” invention by a Filipina engineer.

The reason is clear: many officials in government are, in reality, protecting the interest of big businesses whose profitability will surely go down if our bright countrymen who have been given the gift and the intelligence to invent many useful things are allowed to mass produce their inventions.

This is the reason why Filipino inventions like cars running on water, or even on hydrogen, were completely ignored in this country. Imagine, if cars would already be using water or hydrogen to run, many businessmen dealing with gasoline and other petroleum products would be out of business, is it not?

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INVENTOR HUNTED DOWN LIKE AN ANIMAL: I remember a fellow Rotarian president who managed to invent an attaché-case-like electric generator which can produce electricity by itself, without the usual power plants, hydro-plants, windmills, or even solar panels. Instead of being honored, he was hunted down like a wild animal, and prevented from introducing his generator to the public.

The same guy invented a machine which converts water into hydrogen, so that it can be used to power any vehicle that is running on gasoline now. Again, instead of getting accolades for his invention, he was repeatedly warned not to continue perfecting the machine, or else…

The tragedy in all these is that these inventions somehow managed to find their way into the hands of either foreign governments or foreign businessmen, who further refine or improve on them, and then profit handsomely from them. I really cannot imagine how sick our officials have become.

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CONTRIBUTORS’ INTERESTS ARE THE PRIORITY: Even with the “saltwater lamp” invention, it is a clear condemnation once more of the incompetence or the pure and simple but totally criminal neglect, and the skewered and corrupt priorities, of government insofar as its electrification program is concerned.

If only the Aquino government put to good use the billions of pesos it had been allotting on a yearly basis for supposed electrification projects in the country, and thereby fulfilled President Aquino’s election promise of providing electric power to the entire country by the end of his term, there would have been no need for a “saltwater lamp”, and it would not have been invented at all.

But then again, I guess all Filipinos know that this government will not be pursuing an honest-to-goodness electrification program, in Metro Manila and its environs, or in the other far-flung areas of the country for that would mean derailing the businesses of the billionaires who contributed to Aquino’s campaign funds in 2010, 2013, and now, in 2016.

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