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Monday, 23 November 2015 11:40

For the first time, Zamboanga City had a great opportunity to have participated in the North Philippines Travel and Tour Expo in Clark, Pampanga.

Our city was the only participant from Zamboanga Peninsula in that big event  and true enough it was a big deal to be there.

The experience was totally different from the rest of the tourism expos we have attended in the past.So many instances we had to act like geography teachers (thanks to my staff Jess and Chula for ably assisting me ) and explaining to our clients where Zamboanga City really is. Apart from saying that it is “delikado”as verbalized by our clients , ADEMAS ,they dont know anything about our la bella Zamboanga.

We had to explain to them our distance from Manila if one will take a boat or airplane, because unfortunately there is no direct flight from Clark to our city. And if we tell them it takes only one hour and 20 minutes si munta eroplano most of their answers would b e “ay ganon lang pala kalapit” and we just smile and say OPO!

Apart from the travel time information, they were surprised to see the different tour menus that can be offered such as the historical and cultural tour, gastronomy tour ..(gosh bebe should see them how they salivate when they saw our cooked curacha picture on the wall),eco tour and farm tour.

But on top of everything, our attendance in Northphil travel tour and expo was one of the best experiences we’ve had as it gave us the chance to connect with our kababayans up north. Just the thought that we were able to directly introduce the brighter side of our city up north, it was quite an achievement in as far as promotions effort is concerned.

Yes there were foreigners too.They so love to visit our banner destination which is Sta Cruz Island. Some were too much frank to tell us that their embassy would not allow them because it is dangerous, but some would say..”oh f...k  that s...t I still want to visit your place Sarita” and I’d rest back..”bring it on man” and we shook hands afterwards with a smile.

I just couldn’t help it. There were times our clients’ negative statements  make us a bit down, but on the other hand, reality dictates that we should take it as a positive challenge for the love of our city. After all, who on earth will promote and market our tourism potential... si hende Nosotros compoblanos! — Email me at Sebastian.