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Thursday, 26 November 2015 11:23

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Mayor Norbie Sauragal Hamin Edding, son of namesake Norbie, former Zamboanga City Secretary to the Mayor and eventually mayor of Sibuco, is so disgusted in their provincial governor and calls him only by  name, Berto. He communicated with me yesterday and expressed such disgusts in mixed English and chabacano.

This is message that I translate to full English, for all to easily understand, aware that this piece gets around the net all over. “Yesterday, before going to the celebration of Cong. Cesar Jalosjos’ birthday in  Liloy, I passed by a radio station airing Sumbong ng Bayan, and lambasted Berto because for the last 3 years or so of his stay in the Capitol, he never even cared to visit us in our municipality of Sibuco. He never even had the provincial road of Sibutad-Lunday-Puliran-Poblacion-Sto.Nino to the Tangarak stretch scraped.

Ergo, close to ten thousand (10,000) indigents farmer-families have long been suffering, as even carabaos become lame because of the overly-dilapidated road that we now call Sapah Seco, they break their legs.

Jim, this is not gossiping. This is factual. Thank you so much amigo.” (Most likely that is for my lending an ear to his woes, the father now of Sibuco)

I believe you, Mayor which why in sympathy, I share your anguish to readers. Really wish to someday go there for a visit, for the only parts of Sibuco I have gone to is Lipuno up to Malayal, west of Zamboanga, and in the east, only Lunday, that part which the late Res. Army Capt. and east coast CAFGU Commander Perez Army habitually stays. Keep in touch with you, Mayor.

* * * *

Only yesterday, former radiowoman Tita Acuña posted in fb her observations on the grant of housing units built for victims of the almost one-month MNLF siege in Zamboanga, noting that several non-city residents have managed to occupy the units, to the detriment of acknowledged locals.

So many netizens replied in agreement, even saying MNLF sympathizers are allegedly occupying the place.

Now, here’s another proof, as Mayor Beng Climaco had to call in the marines to secure the completed, but not  yet turned over housing units for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R) Plan.

Accordingly, as early as now, the units are being inhabited by families without proper guidance and turnover from the National Housing Authority (NHA) to the local government.

We sure do hope, due to the delayed provision  of security system in the relocation site, the situation is still under controllable level.

* * * *

The informal debates on Davao City Mayor Rodrigo’s entry as a presidential bet heats up even more. Former elections commission chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. says he sees no legal stumbling block should Duterte proceed with his decision to join next year’s presidential elections via substitution.

He claims, Martin Diño filed his certificate of candidacy for President as the official candidate of PDP-Laban. Therefore, as he had decided to withdraw before December 10, he can be substituted any time before that date.

But the view of another election law expert, Romulo Macalintal, on that  substitution angle on Diño is different.

Macalintal contends, the Davao City mayor cannot legally substitute Diño as his COC was defective and that the Comelec may declare him a nuisance candidate.

Still and all, Brillantes insists, Diño was recognized by the Comelec as presidential candidate but he later withdrew, so what’s the issue?” Brillantes said.

He explained that the mistake in Dino’s COC was a non-issue because it was clear that the form was for President and was recognized by the Comelec that he was a presidential candidate as implied by the notice asking him to explain why he should not be declared a nuisance candidate.

Brillantes pointed out, as Diño has already withdrawn, the Comelec cannot declare Dino a nuisance candidate anymore, for he is no longer one.

To this corner, the above arguments — which to my mind — Macalintal’s is better appreciated, are truly mind-boggling.

Now, this is one thing worth watching, Brillantes is a retired Comelec chairman, while Andres Bautista is a sitting one.

Worthy then of consideration is the opinion of Bautista, who had earlier telegraphed his punches, with most blows, Duterte negatives.

For one, he said, the CoC has to be studied as it indicates, Diño is candidate for Mayor, not for President.

And granting that the Comelec also erred in inferring Diño as a presidential candidate when it sent him a letter directing him why he should not be classified as a nuisance candidate, in  telegraphing his punches Bautista had bared, the substitution must come hand in hand with the withdrawal.

True enough, Diño did name Duterte as his substitute in his withdrawal letter. But at that instance, there was no submission of a Duterte CONA, the Certification of Nomination Acceptance.

And up to now, there has been no mention of the submission of a supposed PDP-Laban Certification of Nomination for Duterte.

And more importantly, as an acknowledge game-changer, how Duterte would influence the votes of the candidate President Benigno III wants to win, will count a lot.

Ah, with Mar Roxas bannered as Aquino administration-backed, some eyebrows must have raised there, by this, “the candidate President Benigno III wants to win.”

Recall the suspected secret honeymoon, and you will get the point. So, how the Duterte entry will affect Pnoy’s choice will spell the former’s entrance or disappearance in the presidential debrby.

To this, this space ascribes as it repeats, “Ergo, in the end, friends, Pres. Aquino, via his controlled COMELEC will have the final say.”

What else and who else?”

* * * *

There still seems to be some level-headed officials within the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Two of them vehemently oppose the plan to revive the Commissioner-in-Charge (CIC) system for the 2016 synchronized elections, fearing it may lead to widespread electoral fraud.

The CIC system first saw adoption during the time of former Chairman Benjamin Abalos. The system calls for a Comelec commissioner to be assigned in a specific administrative region during elections and he or she has the power to decide on all election-related issues in his or her jurisdiction.

The CIC is all too powerful. It can transfer the venue of the tabulation of votes, place areas under Comelec control and head a task force that shall implement Comelec control over local government units concerned. He or she can also act on requests or applications for transfer or reassignment of field officials and employees.

The duo are Commissioner Christian Robert Lim and Bicol Regional Director Romeo Fortes. They believe that the move will spawn poll irregularities similar to the infamous “Hello, Garci” scandal during the 2004 presidential elections.

“The ‘Hello, Garci’ scandal broke out in 2005 after audiotapes of the alleged conversation between President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano surfaced. In the taped conversation, a woman believed to be Arroyo was reminding a certain “Garci” about the addition of votes to administration candidates. Some people believe that Fernando Poe Jr. would have won the presidential race if not for the alleged dagdag-bawas (vote adding and shaving) fraud perpetrated by administration allies. (TMT)

On the other hand, the justification that the CIC system expedites and facilitates Comelec actions is just a subterfuge for political control, especially during election period, according Fortes said.

Lim, for his part, said he will “vehemently oppose” the assignment of CICs in the regions, citing the absence of “basis or justification for it to be seriously considered” by the Comelec.

He added, no study had been made to determine the advantages of the CIC system.

Lim’s pronouncements do send chills to this writer, victim as he was in 2016. Lim warned, reverting to the CIC system opens the door to a manipulation of the 2016 national and local elections not only at the regional, but more so, the national level.

* * * *

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull laments, to the point of even heckling, there is no global support for a US-led ground force to destroy the Islamic State group, which he called fundamentally weak with “more Twitter accounts than fighters.

* * * *

Such folly, with 1,400 cases of “tanim-bala” registered at NAIA, Pres. Aquino still had the gull to belittle the   widely publicized existence of a syndicate victimizing travelers in the country’s airports before his ASEAN counterparts.

And Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., short of branding Aquino’s statements as another insensitive remark, said it is “unfortunate” for the President to disparage victims of “tanim-bala” (bullet-planting) scheme.