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Friday, 01 July 2011 14:24

The good news is that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front had severed the ties of Commander Umbra Kato and Commander Bravo from the mainstream of the front organization. The bad news is that the MILF is apprehensive that the two might create trouble if the peace efforts fail.  This is a case wherein the bad news diminishes the positive impact of the good in that the MILF is irresolute about their take on the two war mongers who were responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians when the issue of ancestral domain hit a snag in the Supreme Court it being unconstitutional. It gives the impression that, like what happened with the truce between the Moro National Liberation Front and the government, the alienated group of Kato and Bravo can be another potential MILF.

This impression begs the guarantee from the MILF that if and when the accord is signed they must not provide sanctuary to these belligerent forces so that it will forever be isolated and dealt with. Otherwise the truce will be for naught.

Unlike the legitimate leaders of the MILF rebellion who had defined aspirations, Commanders Kato and Bravo are a different breed. By their acts of savagery, they are the kind who cannot live in peace. Kato for one made no fuss about recruiting the fugitive elements of the private army of the detained Ampatuans who are facing murder charges in court. Bravo impulsively trained their guns on innocent and unarmed civilians strafing them down like animals when the ancestral domain issue was questioned in the high court.

It will be good for the negotiating panels to just all together leave out the two commanders from the talk since the MILF does not want to take responsibility of their actions especially now that they claimed they have severed ties with the two renegade commanders and their combatants.

We just have to expect that another vicious two-headed hydra will surface after the talks come to a truce. For as long as the MILF has also severed its umbilical cord with Kato, Bravo and their ragtag armies, it will be easier for the government forces to deal with them in a manner they best deserved. -MENARDO WENCESLAO