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Monday, 30 November 2015 14:48

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Another early morning killing is reported in this city, with a prominent local businessman falling victim to one of two motorcycle-riding gunmen in the vicinity Budgetwise  along Campaner Extension. Gunned down in cold-blood was Philip Jacinto Lim, 53, married, one of the owners of  Unicon Enterprises, a hardware store.

He succumbed to bullet wounds in the head and body.

Police said that Lim was rushed to a hospital, but expired just the same while undergoing  treatment.

Chief Insp. Joel Tuttuh, City Police Office’s spokesperson, disclosed that Lim was on board his moving motorcycle coming from Veterans Avenue and going to Campaner Extension on the way to his store along Tomas Claudio Extension when gunmen riding on a motorcycle on his tail opened fire.

Lim belongs to a family with various business interests in this city.

Police are still digging into the case, hoping  to unmask the killers and the mastermind.

* * * *

Truly, terrorism is widespread. It’s all over. Even in the Philippines news of terrorists and sympathizers creeping in mount. In fact, World War III is even feared because of that.

Thus, the article, “Through Untrue” in the 22 Dec. 2015 issue of the Manila Bulletin, took this corner’s interest.

Fr. Rolando V. dela Rosa, OH writes that a study made by the non-partisan US Congressional Research Service  showed that overseas weapons sales by the United States alone totaled $66.3 billion in 2011. That Russia, France and the US are among the five biggest weapons exporters from 2010 to 2014.

“It is not farfetched to think that  many of their exported missiles, guns and bombs are the ones being used by terrorists, especially those of ISIL”.”

Simply stated, it is our reading then that no one is to blame for these butchering other than those manufacturers of armaments. Need we say more. Fr. Dela Rosa has said it all.

* * * *

More grounds for disproving that Sen. Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino are sprucing up. Thus bared Lawyer Manuelito Luna before a news forum in Manila.

Luna is the counsel of radio commentator and presidential candidate Rizalito David who sought to nullify Poe’s proclamation as one of the winners in the 2013 senatorial elections.

He said, there are 4,350 registered foundlings in the country and Sen. Grace Poe is not listed as one.

And accordingly, it is a pre-requisite that one must be registered to avail of legal presumption as natural born.

Luna said, the Philippine Statistics Authority which serves as the national civil registry requires the registration of a foundling before the Office of the Civil Registrar of the city or municipality where the child was found by the finder within 30 days from the date of finding.

And he averred, there was no registration whatsoever of such for Poe anywhere in the country.

Also, Luna filed an electoral offense complaint against Poe before the Commission on Elections. In both cases, his client David assailed Poe’s claim that she’s a natural-born Filipino citizen., arguing that being a foundling with no known biological Filipino parents, Poe has no basis to claim being a natural-born Filipino.

The Senate Electoral Tribunal, however, dominated ny non-lawyer senators, had voted 5-4 dismissing David’s petition. The case is under appeal.

* * * *

Davao City Mayor City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is getting to be unpredictable. His stand on crucial issues cannot be speculated.

This time, just like President Benigno Aquino III, Duterte disfavors the lowering of income tax payments.

Duterte, who officially joined the presidential race on Friday, claims that to lower income taxes is to deprive government of the needed funds for vital infrastructure projects.

“No [I am not in favor]. I need money for my [government] programs…to create jobs, invest in infrastructure. You need money to run this country,” Duterte told reporters.(TMT)

The Finance department’s estimates that the government will lose P29 billion in revenues if income tax rates are adjusted must have gotten the better of him.

Duterte noted that economic growth has yet to be felt outside Metro Manila, saying development is limited to the capital.

Duterte however said he is in favor of continuing the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program if he is elected president.

The CCT is Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4 P’s) that provides cash grants by as much as P4,000 monthly to poor families provided that children attend school, underrgo regul6ar health check-ups, vaccinations; undergo de-worming sessions every six months; and their parents attend responsible parenthood sessions.

The statement drew first blood from a reader named, Kari Normann, who reacted - “But how come last June when Duterte spoke with the taxi association in Paranaque, he clearly said this: Pag ako naupong presidente ang una kong pepirmhan lahat ng kumikita ng 25,000 pesos pagbaba, wala ng tax yan, sa inyo lahat yan. (When I sit as President, the first I will I will sign (is a directive) that all who receive P25,000 and below will pay no taxes, all (your earnings) are yours to have.

Unpredictable. Really. Coming as it does when he announced his readiness for the presidential battle.

* * * *

Believe it or not. the tanim-bala scandal that Pres. Aquino is giving no - if not, little - importance, and downplaying the same before ASEAN partners, goes on unabated.

Only this week, the Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup) bared that at least 17 people were intercepted for carrying bullets at airports.

With the current brouhaha on the shameful occurrences at the NAIA, this corner could not believe anyone would still have the impudence of trying to sneak in those banned items.

Without batting an eyelash, we declare - Hell! Those bullets on the latest 19 and all other 1,400 persons were all planted.

* *  * *

If there is any American boy in Philippine government now, Grace Llamanzares Poe is it.

Thus declared  Mauro Gia Samonte in his article in TMT.

He said, at once, he is inclined to give credence to such rumors, for here’s somebody, quite unknown in Philippine politics, has not held any political office, and yet suddenly springs into the senatorial race as no. 1. One doesn’t do that feat, he said, unless some big benefactor is behind him/her. Then suddenly, “ ...here she is, after just a little over three years in her learning process at the Senate, aspiring for the highest post of the land. Something must be cooking for this woman.”

And he concludes, this is a topic deserving attention much deeper than heartening to presidential gossip. “Machinations by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) take a lot of sleuthing to uncover.”

True enough, when it comes to CIA moves, there are tendencies for this space to agree on that. Will share with you what this writer viewed and heard on a TV edition on the first Fil-Am Friendly Day proceeding the end of Martial Law.

Quite vocally, the American narrator in pure and simple English disclosed to this effect, America is proud of its active role in putting an end to martial rule.

He went on saying that it was America that installed Ramon Magsaysay as defense secretary and eventually in Malacañang. The narrator revealed that it was one US army captain in the CIA, whose name I do not recall, who wrote all the speeches of Magsaysay. And that he is the same officer who taught Magsaysay how to dress, with the top-head salakot, the bolo on waist with one leg pants rolled to below his knee.

Believe you me, I saw and heard those on TV with my own two eyes and ears. Fil-Am Friendship day it was, following the end of martial law.