Breastfeeding: A perfect link of responsible motherhood PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 14:27

The nation celebrates Nutrition Month annually. In this undertaking of the government, the Department of Education is one of its partners in the promotion of its objectives.

This year’s theme “ Isulong ang Breastfeeding - Tama, Sapat at Eksklusibo”, fits to the demand of responsible motherhood which is the call of the day. Many of the undernourished children are partly attributed to the fact many mothers no longer breastfeed their newly born babies. Most working mothers resort to feed their babies with the available commercial milk in the market, which cannot substitute the nutritional needs of the babies from breast milk.

Modern mothers tend to prioritize fulfilling their responsibilities in their respective careers and leaving behind the most sacred of all obligations and that is providing the very basic needs of their babies which is breast milk. According to studies, babies that were not breastfed in the first six months of their lives are 25 times more likely to die than those experienced exclusive breastfeeding from the time they were born.

It is obviously clear that breastfeeding is life saving other than being a responsibility of a mother. But I wonder how many young mothers are conscious of this reality. Breastfeeding as well promotes a closer emotional attachment between mother and child. On the part of the mother breastfeeding saves a lot of financial expenses for commercial milk.

It is perhaps about time that mothers of today that is Filipino mothers in particular should be responsible enough to comply with their obligations to their children. That is feeding them with breast milk while they are still babies. --CYNTHIA M. GALICIA