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Thursday, 03 December 2015 13:09

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Hello, world. Sneaking in a few lines today, for by about 11:00 am, will have to be at the airport for our Manila flight.

So much items to have talked about today. With gusto. But time constraints get in the way.

One of the two hottest bits of news could have handily consumed two long-size bond paper. They are the Sen. Grace Poe round one loss in the Comelec, as well as the man-in-waiting for his final entry into the presidential derby, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

On Poe, suffice it to say that on the 2nd Division level of Comelec, she has been tagged as a non-natural born Filipino, with incomplete Philippine residence to qualify for president.

Of course, that still has to be acted upon the Comelec en banc. But if we are to believe several legal minds, including those of noted Manila-based opinion columnists, particularly Former Sen. Kit Tatad, Grace Poe is dis”grace”d.

* * * *

On Duterte, based on write-ups and coffee table talks, he appears to judged as allegedly having gone over-board with his latest diatribes- particularly those on the Pope.

And that is where this corner sides with the advice shelled out yesterday by PD-Laban president and Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel II.

Pimentel, who this corner termed as a saving factor, cautioned Duterte to tone down his posturing and language, inferring that the stature of the presidency is whale of a difference from of the mayorship.

It is then worth repeating a part olf our writeup yesterday, featuring his statements, “Pimentel disclosed, profanities and the word “kill” may be staples in the vocabulary of Duterte, but the senator advised the tough-talking government official to tone it down a bit especially if he becomes president of the country.

Matter-of-factly, he had asked his presidential choice to watch his words.

Part of the advice he bared in Pilipino is, “… Rhetoric lang. As a mayor, okay ‘yan; papalakpakan ka ng constituents mo, pero as president, international community ang nakikinig sa iyo kaya dapat grumaduate ka rin sa ganyang pananalita. I am sure, kapag na-elect siyang president, siya po ay gagraduate na du’n,” (... only part of his rhetoric. As mayor, it is okay for him to do that. His constituents will clap for those antics. But if you are the president and the international community is listening to you, you need to stop using that kind of language.

Truly a saving grace this gentleman, as he added that he is certain when Duterte becomes president, he will speak like a president.

He is optimistic that if he would be elected president, he will adjust.

Pimentel, though, clarified that “he would not bind Duterte to anything once the campaign season starts, saying he will let Duterte’s personality shine through.” Also, he told Duterte, “I want the people to like your for your true personality. If you lose the elections because of your personality, so be it. But if you win, then good.”

Reading the immediately-above stated remark, this keyboardist takes note of Pimentel’s final stand, “he would not bind Duterte to anything once the campaign season starts, saying he will let Duterte’s personality shine through.”

Whew ..! That literally sanctions Duterte to do his thing. And everybody knows how he does his theatrics. That’s a given.

Risky. Don’t you think?

* * * *

Awh, awh, it’s way past 10:00, gotta grab our bags and go.

Here’s hoping there be time to pound on the keyboard tomorrow and in the following days before returning home. See you, all.