SQUARE POINT: Are we really free? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 14:29

We have just celebrated our 113th Independence Day two Sundays ago.
More than a century now, our country has been liberated from foreign dominion specifically from the hands of the bullish Spaniards. Our freedom fighters and heroes led by Dr. Rizal, Supremo Bonifacio and Gen. Aguinaldo had fought gloriously for this.priceless independence that we’re celebrating comes June 12 every year.

In fairness, we have also many heroes accounted for the Freedom Day after World War II. They had given up their lives and shed their blood to restore freedom and democracy in our motherland. We recognize their heroic deeds, but we have to focus our national celebration on June 12 for our national hero is the product of the first struggle and revolution for the freedom and liberty of the Malay race or Indios.

Anyway, we do have also the modern-day heroes — the OFWs for their dollars that our economy badly needs and the rural teachers who are working strenuously even risking their lives to be able to bring education to the Filipino children in the remotest village and island.

In a gist, the message of our bachelor Chief Executive P-Noy pertains to our actual status as a free people— how are we after 113 years of freedom? Are we really free from foreign oppressors? Yes. But in his message, P-Noy meant different foes. Are we free from hunger? Abuses? Corruption?

More than four million Filipinos all over the country are hungry of which many of them are sick with no medical attention and medicines, according to news reports. Most of them are jobless, no fixed income, abandoned elders, street children, beggars and bums.

Everyday many are killed, slain, raped, mauled, battered, harassed, etc. The latest— a broadcaster was attacked by a governor in Luzon and another broadcaster was killed in Camarines Sur.
It has been reported quite sometime that we are considered as the second most corrupt nation in the whole of Asia.

Well, the records at the Ombudsman Office, Sandigan Bayan,the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Dept. of Justice will speak for themselves.

The President assured the Filipino nation that when he steps down Malacañang by 2016, a tremendous change shall have been achieved. He’s so optimistic to have this country free from hunger, abuses and corruption. Let’s not understimate him as the highest leader of the land, instead cooperate with him and give our full support to the thrusts and programs of the present administration.

Here’s a very inspiring point— in unity we can survive the storm. --Jack Edward Enriquez