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Sunday, 06 December 2015 15:05

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Remember that this corner did not divulge yesterday just what our mission in Lipa City, Batangay was, with no mention whatsoever that we had plans to go to Solaire Resort Hotel and Casino? It was so because I never knew our two missions were to conclude highly with success. ‘Cause if we did and failed to accomplish them as they happened, we could have come out with red faces. But highly successful as both were, now it can be told.

Historical and chronological order first. My wife Lily had long since wanted to personally meet up with her idol, veteran actress-turned successful politician – from 3-time Lipa mayor to 3-time Batangas governor, and now a contender for a congressional seat. She is Vilma Santos-Recto. But never dreaming of getting anywhere near her before, such desire was just pitifully stored at the back of her head.

Later, having grown a special soft spot in her heart for the new risen singing star, Arnel Pineda, the Filipino lead singer of a foreign Rock Band “Journey”, things simply fell into places.

After painstaking net surfing, establishing contact with Sakura, wife of Arnel Pineda and Emma Egham, one of the Pineda staff, Lily managed to get some positive signs of a meeting with him – which were uncertain. Simply, that after a concert with Lani Misalucha, Pineda will hold a “greet and meet” session somewhere in the Solaire Hotel. With no specific date, Emma only messaged us that it will either be on the 4th or 5th of December.

See? No actual assurance was given. Thus, the trip to Manila, and the secrecy of it all.

And it so happens, our daughter Jimbit, has an ex-classmate, Aileen Gante Acorda, who is personally acquainted to Vilma, having been her City Tourism Officer at City Hall. Unsuspectingly, she contacted Aileen, setting an afternoon appointment for us with Vilma at the Capitol on the 4th.

Arriving Manila for the Pineda gamble meeting, Jimbit called us, breaking the news about the Vilma 4th December meet. So, off we ventured for the 2-hour trip to Batangas.

Luckily enough, the meeting was set. Seated at the governor’s ante room, Vilma came in. Voila, wife’s long-time dream was a reality. Believe it or not, just at the sight of her idol, my wife burst into tears.

Soon after, a close-in security officer nudged the governor and gave out a whisper, pointing to our direction. Immediately, Vilma stood up, loudly exclaiming,    “Mommy, bakit? (Why?)”

Tounge-tied as Lily was, she just covered her face, and Vilma started babying her with lots of kisses and huggings voicing at the same time, “Ang tisay-tisay ni Mommy, o. Tayo (get up). Mag-picture picture tayo. She even beckoned me to join up in the photo ops. Visit our timelines, the photos are all there.

As a public servant myself, here are some rare acts I noticed in a big government office. All her staff members, including the blue guards, the floor leaders (he he, I mean the janitors), etc. are all courteous and respectful. All in smiles when and greetings-full whenever they get close to us.

And on the sides, she hesitated not a moment and said, “Oy, tulungan nyo si Ralph in his re-election bid, ha.”

Pointing youngest daughter, I simply answered, “Tau gamma eto.” (This is a sigma phi, and she understood as she knows hubby Ralph and son Lucky are brother-Triskelions). And quite readily, Recto deserves a return to the senate. He is the author of two very significant laws. Here are the increase of salary rates and benefits of all government workers, as well as the increase of hospitalization support to seniolr citizens.

Now, for the Solaire venture. From Batangas we moved back to our hotel to freshen up, then on to MOA, where the theater is. After the concert, we went straight to lobby, and inquired about the meet and greet session.

We turned out despaired, being told, Misalucha is sure to come, with no assurance about Arnel, the staff said.

So, down-hearted, we ordered for some drinks and sat by the lobby tables on the hall. Without yet gobbling up my can of beer, from about fifteen feet from us, clearly unnoticed by others, Arnel Pineda was briskly walking toward our way and with no apparent intent of stopping.

We stood up, leaving our drinks behind and accosted him on the hall way and said, “Good evening, Arnel. This is my wife. We are from Zamboanga.”

Immediately with a finger slightly pointed at me, he called out, “Ah yes. Mister Cabato. Come. Mag-picture tayo”

I pulled out my cell phone for a photo-shoot. He nodded sideways, saying, “No, no iba na ang kukuha. (No, let others take the picture.) Join us.”

All pictures are also posted on our timelines.

Later that evening, I posted this, “Emma here is one of Arnel’s trusted hands, and this was my msg to her tonight. Bien humilde jente y accomodating ese si Arnel (Arnel is so humble and accommodating). / “Evng, Ems. My wife had a grand meeting wit her idol after the concert. Pati ako na, fan na nya, di lang Med, too is a fan now, not only ...” because of his singing voice. It is his humility. And he does have a gud memory as I surmised because of ur advice to me. When I accosted him on the hallway and simply said, “We are from Zbga‘’ he immediately quipped, “Oh, Mister Cabato. Tnk u 4 coming. Humanga talaga ako.(I really admired him.) Arnel is a gud man. No wonder my wife idolizes him. Tnx 4 ur assistance.”

* * * *

A big big boo-boo there on my writing on the Mariano filial lineage yesterday.

This corner was such in a haste to be up early for the Batangas trip the following day, after getting no replies and answers from my Bagangay Captain-son Jaime “”Boday” and elder brother, Cocoy, I ventured into guess and jumbled up then facts.

And it turned out, my wife has a better knowledge of the family lineage of Lt. Col. Meynard Mariano. So, sorry for the slips.

According to my wife, Meynard is actually a son of Nang Pacing herself; and a nephew of Nang Tibing, and not a grandson to both. The engineer I was referring to is a brother to both and has engineer-sons of his own, too.

My wife certainly knows, Meynard was class valedictorian at the Baliwasan Elementary School, where she was teaching in the past.

Again, mea culpa.

* * * *

Once more, have to write down “30” now. Family beckoning for another sortie somewhere. Will let you know tomorrow.