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Friday, 11 December 2015 14:55

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

D-day today for all aspiring candidates. 5:00 pm this 10th is the last opportunity for substitutions.

While this is that last chance, per earlier Comelec announcement however, the final list of candidates will only be made on the 15th.

On that basis, it can be said, the issue on the candidacies of Sen. Grace Poe and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte still hang on the balance ‘til then, and predictably even until election day.

This is this corner’s viewpoint: From all indications, it may clearly be stated that — judging again from recent Comelec pronouncements — both names of Poe and Duterte will necessarily have to be printed on the ballots, as it is foreseeable that both camps will exhaust all legal remedies to protect their interest. And while that matter is up for decision on higher levels, the duo are still considered candidates, and can be voted upon even granting they will be disqualified in the ensuing days before the 2016 election..

That is logical. Their names will appear on the ballots.

And when that happens, a chaotic situation may arise. What if  — as it is prone to happen — one of the disqualified candidates gets the most number of votes, as those facing possible disqualification are the ones supposedly leading in surveys.

Chaos?.Two likelihoods are in the offing. One is an Aquino-favored option - extension of term. Second -  people power.

Whichever, the nation stands to lose.

* * * *

Only yesterday, it was dreamt, “Zamcelco rushes plan for a “blackout-free” Zamboanga.”

Now, this - Zamboanga City will continue to experience the 6-hour rotational blackout every day until end of this month or early 2016 as the city’s power deficiency was pegged at 24 megawatts. (DZT)

City Investments and Promotions Officer Angelique Go bared on Monday that Zamboanga’s power demand is 90 mw but only 66 mw is currently supplied, thus presenting a shortage of 24mw, which results to the 6-hr power interruption daily.

Go explained, PSALM, supplier of the cheapest - being hydro mix - was supposed to supply the city with 48mw but only 30mw-32mw is given due to low water level.

The PMI of Aboitiz, contracted for 18mw, gives only 13mw, claiming one of its units is under maintenance shutdown, while MPC of Alson is supplying only 15mw only of the 18mw, and no reason was given.

That is where doubts are cast. For it could be that the power supply to Zamboanga is lessened intentionally for the suppliers to divert their power to other cooperatives that are good payors. Zamboanga, you will note is indebted to suppliers to the tune of some P1.4 billion.

But had there been proper foresights by our cooperative officials, by now the eight (8) gen-sets availed from the Mindanao Modular Gen-set Program of the Department of Energy, would have been operational with the city having an additional 16 mw of  power.

Sadly, procrastination took the better of them, leaving the gen-sets that have long been here, lying idle as Zamcelco is reported to still be putting up the foundations on which to mount the generators, a simple task that could have been done even before the arrival of the units.

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge. There’s no recourse left for us but to bear the burden, and hope that truly by 2016 Zamboanga City will have 11mw of power excess, supposedly given the power from the existing suppliers - 30mw from PSALM, 18mw from TMI, 18mw from MPC, 5mw from TSI, and 50wm from WMPC—totaling 106mw against the projected demand of 95mw.

* * * *

The AFP sure does seem to be determined to end banditry in this part of the country.

“Some of the eight modern attack helicopters recently acquired by the Philipine military may soon be used for airstrikes against the Al-qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf playing cat-and-mouse with security forces in the country’s south, an official said Tuesday.” ((DZT)

According to Philippine Air Force Chief-of-Air staff Major Gen. Galileo Gerard Kintanar, the recently-procured AgustaWestland AW-109 “Power” attack helicopters could be deployed for military aggressions against the militant group that is holding foreign and local hostages in Sulu, near the border with Malaysia.

Kintanar said the new attack helicopters would substitute the older attack aircrafts , the MG-520 that have been used in previous campaigns against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), one time the largest Muslim rebel group.

And AW-109 choppers are set to be deployed in Mindanao island by the second quarter of 2016.

“Definitely it will significantly increase our capability for close-air support as the (PAF) commanding general (Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Delgado) said we only have a dozen of the MG-520s so this is a welcome addition of capabilities, what is important is it has more capabilities to speak of, it will be able to carry more and it can operate at night,” he added.

The new attack helicopters can be armed with pintle-mounted 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns at each of the two cabin doors. (With reports from DZT)

* * * *

Just as anticipated, Sen. Grace Poe is raising her disqualification case to the Supreme Court (SC).

Thus, announced Independent vice-presidential candidate Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero yesterday, saying he and Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares are  ready to face Rizalito David in the Supreme Court (SC) where he is set to challenge the ruling of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) in favor of Poe.

And this is where this corner’s two-cent worth of opinion above-stated is vindicated. Escudero said Poe “remains a presidential candidate unless the SC says otherwise.”  He added: “We will continue to exhaust all legal remedies and will stop only once the SC has ruled with finality on Poe’s eligibility to run and be elected both as senator and president.” (With reports from the TMT)

And when the SC does hand down its decision, the Poe name is printed on the ballots. And so will it be for  the Duterte name.

Never once a bearer of doom, this time this corners sees chaos up ahead.

* * * *

Meanwhile, supporters of presidential aspirant Grace Poe claimed that Liberal Party standard bearer Manuel Roxas II is behind all the attacks on his rivals, and warned Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he is next.

Adopt Grace Poe Movement president Rez Cortez, in a press conference said, they see a pattern in which Roxas, who lags in all opinion polls, is eliminating competitors who are ahead of him.

Cortez said he can see the “pattern of elimination” starting with presidential candidate Vice President Jejomar Binay, who was leading in the polls until the Roxas camp launched attacks that scarred Binay, as he was seemingly discredited.

It is noted, Binay’s ratings declined when he and his family were implicated in allegations of corruption in the Makati Building II project.

When Poe began to top the surveys, Roxas’ camp used different lawyers to file cases against her, Cortez claimed.

He went on, now that Mayor Duterte loomed as number one in a survey, no matter how scored, he should get ready because they are bound to eliminate him too,” Cortez added. (With reports from MST)

* * * *

Vice President Jejomar Binay accused the Aquino administration Wednesday of deliberately under-spending government funds intended for projects to allegedly save money for the Liberal Party’s campaign for the 2016 presidential elections.

Since 2011, he charged, the Aquino administration had deliberately avoided spending some P600 billion.

He insinuated that all that money would be used to buy votes next year.