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Friday, 11 December 2015 14:56


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the DAY nor the HOUR.” (Matt. 25:13, ESV) Watching here is simply meaning to be ready always. The context of this passage is about the second coming of Christ—that we ought to be ready always because we do not know the DAY and HOUR, of His return.

Albeit, let me point another, a liberal interpretation, truth from this rich Bible verse, that is with regards to our breaks, blessings, development and success. God wants us to be blessed and to surely progress, but here’s the missing link, we do not know when—as for the day and hour, such stuffs to come. Thus, we ought to be always ready, to quality us for the attaching conditions.

Everything has its perfect timing. Nothing does just happen, under that canopy, by mere coincidence; God is the MASTER and LORD of everything. It ain’t us who holdsour time. God is in control of the entire universe. A student was to take his final exam on his major subject. He spent more or less than 50 hours, according to him, just to wade the hundreds of pages which he must read.

He then felt very confident for the face-off. But when the test questionnaire was given and when he started to read them, right away he somehow felt lost, and quickly forgot all of the things from his reading. He remarked further that he even could hardly answer the 10 essay questions. Frustrated to his earlier experience, he went home disturbed. Then, God comforted him by giving him a sense inside his heart that if he will make it, he will make it because of the Lord’s strength, not through his haughty intelligence and brilliance.

God speaks in a still small voice inside our hearts. That was how that student felt in those low moments. The reality is we cannot achieve anything in this world unless God willed it, or if such ain’t in adherence to His will. Clearer than the sun, WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL of our lives, God does. YesAnd that whether we believe it or not, it still won’t change the fact, God is God!

Therefore, by learning such natural law, it compels to these two things—that we ought to be dependent to God and that we ought not to walk in a whining attitude. Dependence to the almighty is not a weakness, it is instead the otherwise! The psalm says that “He who hides in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty”. (Ps 91:1)

Secondly, all things which may transpire to our lives, God planned them for our ultimate good (Rom 8:28); that even if he wounds us, he will heal us. Like to a surgeon, he incises his patient that he can be cured from an ailment. Hence, it is always worth it to be grateful to our almighty God—in every single situation which comes our way.

Let me pound the premise again, that it is the Lord’s honest desires to bless us. He says, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven GIVE GOOD GIFTS to those who ask him!” (Matt. 7:11, NIV)

The Lord says that earthly fathers, though fails, but still gives or desire to convey good things to their children, then how much more to our heavenly Father, He indeed shall not deprive the BEST gifts for all of us. And here’s the key, as He said, to those who ask Him. Goodness is the nature and the characteristic of our God; He doesn’t want us to live in darkness to suffer the pain and the curses of sin. His only begotten Son did already pay the necessary price, to appropriate our needed mercy and redemption. Thus, he who gives his life to Jesus will live in the promised freedom!

We can prepare ourselves for our moments of blessings by applying these two things—prayer, as it is said in the above passage, by asking Him, and by living in a lifestyle of thankfulness. Prayer can establish us an eternal connection to our successes. Genifer Buckly just had made it in the recent LET, she excitedly informed me last week, as being her second dad here in Zamboanga.

She actually came from Lapuyan, and a daughter of lowly farming parents. To recall her past experience, some five years ago—she asked her father if she could study here in Zamboanga City Tthe latter consoled the former that he might not be able to support her, but if she would try in Pagadian City, he could just push their limited resources to send her to a tertiary education.

But the girl had the faith—which she knew inside her heart that her place is here. Make long story short, she tried the luck to apply a scholarship grant in a big university. It must have been the favor of God, because she was granted a 100% scholarship and free allowances in four years until she graduated.

Her breaks: she is now teaching to this same university, in the high school department, and she also is now a licensed teacher. Brighter things indeed are way ahead to the life of this young lady. Relatively, our God as well has His way of blessing you uniquely. All you need to do, after believing Him, is just to ask Him, and continue to live in gratefulness.

Murmuring aborts God’s blessings. At least for two instances, Jesus was confronted with lack—the earlier was when 5,000 hungry men pined for his miraculous, and the latter, a similar scenario but to a 7,000 people. In both instances, the Lord multiplied the handful of bread and fishes. “Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, HE GAVE THANKS and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people.” (Luke 9:16, NIV)

Jesus never complained, He only thanked; listen folks, gratitude does permeate a formidable faith inside our hearts to give us the right actions and appropriate words in whatever situation. Don’t give up; your trials are only a means for your blessings. God is just preparing you now for your tomorrow. When God calls, He qualifies that same person for the blessings He shall endow to his life. God bless you.