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Monday, 14 December 2015 13:00

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Repeat. This corner is all praises for officers and members of the police who conduct no-nonsense drives versus criminal acts that are perilous to lives and properties.

Concentrating on issuances of thousands of citations and/or TOP’s to motorists is child play.

Take it from Supt. Ariel Huesca of the Zamboanga City Public Safety Company and Chief Inspector Hingming Ladjaali of Police Station 8 and their men. Their feats are worthy of hailing, for theirs are manly jobs.

From midnight Thursday till dawn Friday Huesca and his men swooped down on drug-infested Barangay Recodo, arresting in the process five persons including a soldier of the Philippine Marines for violation of Anti-Drug laws and for illegal gambling. that went on from midnight Thursday till dawn Friday in drug infested Puroks in Recodo.

Launched was an operation dubbed as a “prophylactic” patrol.

On the other hand, Chief Inspector Ladjaali and his men under the anti-illegal drugs special operations task force, collared three persons during a buy-bust operation at Purok 3, Barangay Sinunuc, this city last Thursday.

Ladjaali said that the suspects were arrested while they were having a pot session at the said place and all were detained pending the filing appropriate charges against them.

That’s what this corner calls achievement that merits accolades. Supt. Huesca and CI Ladjalaali, Sirs, congratulations. And more power!

* * * *

The offer of a private enterprise, acknowledged as a giant conglomerate should not immediately be tabooed.

Juicy, a proposal, as it was laid down, it should be studied thoroughly studied.

Premature opposition aired by the National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms, Inc. (NASECOR) does not sit well with this keyboardist.

In blindingly seeking to shoot down the proposal, NASECOR President Pete Ilagan did not even offer a solution to Zamcelco’s woes.

In explaining his side, he simply voiced in the Pilipino, that NASECOR’s position is that it is not proper for (what he called as) a monopolist to sell (the property) merely because it is deeply indebted. What is right is to first determine why (the cooperative) accumulated such huge amount of debts. Those who warrant penalty, he added, must first be penalized. And they are the members of the board, as well as management.

This corner does believe that the guilty ones must be punished, but logically that would not bail Zamcelco out its predicament. And more importantly, that would not work to free us, the consumers, from bondage to blackouts.

Therefore, a serious study of the proposition is a must.

As in a previous edition, this corner says, if indeed, the property’s sale will redound to our liberation from power outages, and if it leads to the modernization of the Zamcelco’s equipment and facilities, sale could be the solution.

After all, the offer comes with additional antes of a 13-hectare property, plus P30 million to cover expenses to put up a new edifice. And from the pot of P1.17 B, funds may be set aside for the modernization of Zamcelco’s equipment and facilities. Likewise, a serious analysis of the venture would do us no harm.

* * *  *

Happy birthday to me. This must be the song President Aquino is singing. Happy birthday to me.

Seemingly honking his own horn, Aquino professed that he believes he has “surpassed” the expectations of the 16 million Filipinos who voted for him and has even gained more supporters now than when he was a presidential candidate in May 2010.

He made the remarks in the question-and-answer forum during at the annual Christmas party of the predominantly female Bulong Pulungan weekly journalists’ forum at the Sofitel Hotel the other day.

At one point, even if he claimed to be “uncomfortable” discussing his achievements, he took credit for what he described as the shrinking number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Accordingly, statistics reveal that about 400,000 have returned to be employed in locally-based jobs out of 10 million OFWs.

Comparing himself to his predecessors, Aquino said a major difference is that he is a bit more optimistic now of what the country and its people can do, and that things can be done really quicker than what was imagined.

Happy birthday to me ...

* * * *

At long last, two prominent politicians on Saturday took a poke at the drug menace and called for intensified campaign against drug syndicates to prevent the spread of prohibited drugs.

First, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed his disappointment with the government’s campaign against drug syndicates even as the identities of big-time drug dealers have been unmasked.

“We all know who they are - these drug lords. The PDEA [Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency], they may not say it in public, but if you sit down with the officers they will give you a list of who they [drug lords] are,” Marcos said during a meeting with officers and members of Rotary Club of Pasay. “Why are we not arresting them, putting them in jail and throwing the keys away?” he said. (TMT)

For his part, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada promised to wage an all-out campaign against the banned drugs, expressing alarm over the spread of prohibited drugs in 92 percent of villages in Metro Manila.

* * * *

Pope Francis is truly a man of wisdom and reforms.

Hand in hand with the launch of the Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis has put in place reforms on the marriage annulment process.

In effect, the systems now widens the role of the local bishop in dropping automatic appeals, and ensuring that the process is free of charge.

A radical move indeed. But wisdom-filled. While affirming the longstanding Catholic teaching on marriage indissolubility, the new process streamlines the system for granting annulments out of concern “for the salvation of souls” .

The pontiff said, he decided to make the changes in line with the desire of his brother bishops, who during last year’s extraordinary synod on the family called for the process to be “faster and more accessible.”

* * * *

While tropical depressions are disdained by all, but with the impending drought that is ‘El Niño, a mild LPA could have been some sort of a salvation as it could have helped replenish the waters in our reservoir.

Originally, tracked somewhere near Mindanao, the LPA is reported to have entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility at 4:00 am today (PAR), but has found its way to typhoon-prone Maasin, Southern Leyte.

This development may, however, be also good for Zamboanga as the typhoon’s fury just might spare us and instead send in only scattered rain showers and mild thunderstorms, enough to augment our water supply.

Keep our fingers crossed. And better still, pray.

* * * *

Nonito Donaire stays on as the World Boxing Organization super bantamweight champion.

Donaire came out with a gutsy unanimous decision over Mexico’s Cesar Juarez in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Donaire was in control early, knocking Juarez down twice with left hooks in the fourth round.

Juarez, 24, was no push-over and should have been credited with a knockdown in the 10th, when his left hook sent Donaire down.

But Donaire came back with enough steam left to land effectively in the final rounds and won the thriller by scores of 116-110, 116-110 and 117-109.

Donaire is surely on an impressive comeback trail notching three fights in a row since sixth-round knockout loss to unbeaten Jamaican Nicholas Walters 14 months ago.

Though complaining of scoring unfairness, Juarez just the same admitted Donaire won the fight.