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Monday, 14 December 2015 13:01



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Set apart for the Lord your God every firstborn male of your herds and flocks… Each year you and your family are to eat them in the presence of the Lord your God at the place he will choose…” (Deuteronomy 15:19-20, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

THANKING GOD FOR THE MAURICIO CLAN GRAND REUNION 2015: We, the descendants of the late Alfonso Simon Mauricio and Juana Dizon Mauricio of Ramos, Tarlac, certainly had a lot of reasons to thank God in the Name of Jesus, our God and Savior, for allowing us to meet once more in the town where the family took root hundred of years ago, in an event billed as the “Mauricio Clan Grand Reunion 2015” on December 12, 2015.

For many of us who participated in the event (see some of the photos in my Facebook timeline, it was literally a “grand reunion” of sorts for it was an opportunity to see relatives whom we have not seen in ages, and to be acquainted for the first time with many of them, particularly the younger generation of men, women and children who all descended from Alfonso and Juana.

In particular, I was amazed that, even if many other relatives failed to attend, for one reason or another, the December 12, 2015 affair was still well attended by family members eager and raring to meet in person their kin, whose pictures they have been seeing only in social networking sites like Facebook, or whose stories, exploits, and even frustrations they have heard only from their mothers, fathers, or grandparents in times past.

* * * *

GATHERING IN THE MIDST OF RELATIVES WHO ARE IN THEIR 70s AND 80s: The highlight of the event was the photo session for the surviving grandchildren of Alfonso and Juana, and their own descendants. These grandchildren of the couple who have been blessed to have witnessed, even when they are already in their late 70s or early 80s, the first ever gathering of the Mauricio Clan last Saturday were my father, Melanio Sr., and his sisters Elizabeth, Zenaida, and Estela.

Melanio Sr., Elizabeth, Zenaida and Estela are the children of Juan, one of the six children of Alfonso and Juana. Also present were their first cousins Praxedes, the lone daughter of Policarpio (or Ompong, the eldest child of Alfonso and Juana); Necita and Ernelita, daughters of Leonisa, the only daughter of Alfonso and Juana.

Alfonso and Juana by the way had six children: Policarpio, Pascual (whose children are all dead, too), Alfredo (whose children are also all dead by now), Emilio, Juan, and Leonisa. On the other hand, we have no exact information whether the children of Emilio are also already dead.

* * * *

REUNION HIGHLIGHTS TALENTED FAMILY MEMBERS: By and large, the reunion was a smashing success on so many fronts. For one, it made all of us who were present very much aware that the Mauricio family, and the families that have been attached to it, as it were, through marriages in the course of time, has become very large in membership. Indeed, we are one big family by any standard.

Then, the reunion showed that the Mauricios who are now somehow made well-off by the grace and love of God have real big hearts, with willingness to be fully generous by footing the bill for the food, the venue, and the give-aways to the younger Mauricios. What is more, the reunion highlighted talented family members who can easily go big in the entertainment industry, led by newsman Orlan who showed he can actually sing with a band!

Well, thank you Philip, Orlan, Jerrboy (a Caloocan City barangay captain who is running for councilor), Rey, Leny and wife Irene, Ariel, Auntie Fely and family,  Auntie Tel, my wife and my daughter, Loida, and the others who contributed something to make the affair a reality. To those who were not able to make it in 2015, maybe you can try to participate next year, God willing, and feel the awesomeness of the Mauricio Family.

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