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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:32

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Sunday last, the announced no-blackout start may have truly been marred by brief power outages in some parts of the city. Had George Ledesma still be in office now, we would have known the reason, as he regularly GSM’s some people, including this corner for updates on power cuts, and you all may have also been informed.

In some free time soon, however, this keyboardist will ring OIC-GM Ed Ancheta up to see if he can do the same, confident, he is just as accommodating and hard-working.

In any case, the blackout-free city is now in  place. Monday and today paint the picture.

As credit is due to where  it is due, we salute Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat for having painstakingly brokered the Power Sales Agreement (PSA) with WMPC.

At least, too, WMPC had also fulfilled its pledge to give preference to the city’s power needs, a pledge given when it applied for the setting up its power plant in Sangali, and also in getting the City Council’s nod to draw water from the Manicahan river to cool its giant gen-sets. You will note, that Manicahan townsfolk then were earlier up in arms against the idea, fearing a supposed dissipation of the Manicahan river water level. But after a series of public hearings, being told the water will be drawn from down under the river basin, they dropped their opposition.

And true enough, not a single damage did the Manicahan river suffer, with residents thereat still enjoying a clean and free-flowing river.

* * * *

Congratulations to our local weightlifters, who recently competed in Qatar.

Hidilyn Diaz brought home a gold, and Nestor Colonia, a bronze. You do us proud, guys. Power up pa more.

* * * *

Edwin To, newly re-elected President of the Zamboanga City Business Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Incorporated (ZCBCCIFI) does have sense in expressing beliefs that Zamboanga city is not ready to receive the influx of investment opportunities expected to flood Mindanao.

And such conviction is echoed in the local media as well as in the social media (SM). Two of the first complaints that reached this corner were from Sibuco Mayor Norbi Sauragal Hamin Edding and DZT editor, Roy Ramos, that drew sizeable commentaries.

To also cited the earlier power problem that beset the city as another negative factor. But with the recent Lobregat brokering, that is at the moment erased.

But here is yet possible return scenario. A top official of the Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC) expressed concern that their fully depreciated diesel power plant might not be able to sustain the demand of the city for the duration of the five-year contract with Zamcelco, a situation which can possibly bring back the power crisis.

One another problem confronting the city, To added, is communications. And that is internet access, among others.

Prices in electricity are also expected to go up this January, a situation feared by investors.

While some view the ZCBCCIFI president’s statement as wisdom-filled, some skeptics s cannot hold back their negativism on it. There are those who say, head as he is of the business sector, such remarks are better kept to himself, and not publicized. Edwin, they say, tends to scare away investors.

And add thereafter, he just might be motivated to “drive away investors, as that may spell doom to Mindpro and Budgetwise… borrowing cousin Jet’s tail-ender, of fleeting thoughts and passing fancy, he he he.

* * * *

While Nona is reported to be battering Easter Visayas, driving more than 700,000 people there and in the Bicol Region to flee to safer areas for fear of giant waves, floods or landslides, Zamboanga continues to be blessed. Not a slim sight of inclement weather in sight.

The only worry at the back our minds is “El Niño”

In any case, God will make the way.

* * * *

TMT columnist, Ma. Lourdes Tiquia sees a “No-El” scenario in the statements of Comelec chairman Andres Bautista relative to the Supreme Court-issued TRO on the biometrics of voters.

Surely, she says, the TRO impacts on the preparation of the Voter’s List and the Book of Precincts but doubts - if, at all - the Comelec will use biometrics in 2016.

In view thereof, she adds, responsible individuals, especially the Comelec chairman, should stop painting a scenario of “No Election” (No El)

Further, Tiquia explained, without the Comelec TRO, 3,059,601 registered voters without biometrics will be disenfranchised.

And the right of suffrage is guaranteed under the constitution.

* * * *

One more Rody Do Dirty philosophy on sex and women, as written by Tita C. Valderama of TMT… again, the Jet tail-ender - of fleeting thoughts and passing fancy, “Although Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is said to be a vocal advocate of reproductive health and gender-sensitivity issues, the unrepentant womanizer disrespects women, treating them as sex objects, such as those who would settle for a P1,500 monthly allowance for room rent in exchange for occasional sex.”

* * * *

Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II is game, too. Roxas has countered, he will slap Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte if it was proven that his Economics degree from Wharton University is genuine.

He was incensed by Duterte’s claim that his Wharton-earned degree is a fake..

Roxas is reputed to have earned his Economics undergraduate degree in Wharton School of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1979.

He then dared Duterte to slapping match. “If I didn’t earn my Wharton degree, then he can slap me. Otherwise, I will slap him,” Roxas said. (TMT)

This slapping match was ignited when Duterte earlier said he will slap Roxas for the latter’s claim that the touted stellar peace and order situation in Davao under Duterte’s watch is a myth.

“Let’s see him slap me. I don’t know a big person whom he has slapped. All of those he had slapped were small people who could not fight back),” Roxas said in an interview after a forum in UP Diliman.

Roxas, you will recall, had said police statistics show that Davao City had 18,000 crime incidents in 2014.

“The statistics that I was talking about came from the PNP, those who are recording the blotter for these cases. Why can’t he accept that?” he pointed out. (With reports from TMT)

And Duterte replied, if the low crime rate in Davao City is a myth, so is the degree Roxas supposedly obtained from Wharton School Economics.

Duterte  said he is ready to go to Roxas’ home at the Araneta center in Cubao, Quezon City for their slapping match.

* * * *

Sen. Grace Poe’s fate in the Comelec may have brightened a bit, as Comelec en banc did discuss but failed to resolve a motion brought by Sen. Grace Poe seeking to overturn a decision by the poll watchdog’s Second Division to disqualify her from next year’s presidential election.

Simply, this means if indeed Comelec will come out with its list of presidential candidates today, her name will surely still be included, and set for printing on the ballots, as so in Duterte’s case.

Poe’s next worry, however, would be tomorrow, the day the Supreme Court had scheduled to hear her disqualification case. If the SC does a Comelec, lucky will she be. But in case, the SC does rule and disqualify her, it is goodbye, unless she goes for a motion for reconsideration, in the hope Comelec, in its haste to chase its own deadline for ballot-printing would not wait for the SC final say.

* * * *

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong: Marcos is gaining headway in several opinions polls. The latest survey is that which was done among students of Sto. Tomas, where he emerged the top choice, garnering 29 percent.

The senator is pushing for the grant of full scholarships for students of all State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) to bolster the Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2015 which only provided grants to top graduates of all public high schools.

He said he will give justice to the trust the students have bestowed on him, adding that he has many more plans not only for students but for families and the entire nation.