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Sunday, 20 December 2015 14:58

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The joys of the holiday season must be keeping our politicians pre-occupied these days. Except for separately hosting quiet parties for barangay officials, members of media and select political supporters, our top leaders, acknowledged as only two have not been at each other’s neck.

Known to have been closely allied under one political umbrella for years and years, they are Cong. Celso L. Lobregat and Mayor Ma. Isabelle C. Salazar.

Has anyone ever wondered what exactly caused the split?

Of course, it essentially is based on political decisions and differences. But there could be a greater reason for its cause.

Decisions and differences can very well be smoothened out, especially so that higher echelons were direct intermediaries.

This corner ventures one. Pardon me, if I am wrong. Politely said, it is the biting of the hand that feeds.

There is chabacano term for that, and this corner will say it only if many will express their curiosity and fire questions.

* * * *

T’was only yesterday that we wrote on what was termed as the confusing status of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, vis a vis the Commission on Elections (Comelec) stand on the former’s candidacy.

While saying that Comelec’s action on Duterte’s CoC is ministerial, just the same, it was cleared and accepted.

On one hand, the petitioner for Duterte’s disqualification shunned the Comelec-scheduled hearing on the case, deciding to set it for resolution on a Friday, which was yesterday.

What confuses this keyboardist even more now is that, even without debating on the issue between and among the lawyers of the petitioner and the opposing panel, Comelec is still undecided on it.

Read on. “A lawyer for PDP-Laban has failed to convince members of the First Division of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that the party’s original standard-bearer, Martin Diño, committed an “innocuous” mistake when he filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for President.”

Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, a member of the First Division, said she does not believe that the entry made in the COC indicating that Diño was running for mayor of Pasay City (Metro Manila) was an innocent error.

“Mr. Diño is well educated? He has a college degree? He has read this [COC]? I presumed he read this, required to read this?” Guanzon said in Friday’s hearing where she subjected PDP-Laban counsel Ted Contracto to intense questioning.”

Similarly, petitioner Castor’s counsel, Oliver Lozano, argued that there is clearly no candidate for President who is withdrawing his candidacy for the same position of President; and there is none that respondent Duterte may substitute.

That is so because Martin Diño used the COC form for President thereby representing that he is running for president. But when he filed his COC, he stated that he is running for mayor of Pasay City and likewise stated that he resides in Barangay San Antonio, Quezon City,” Lozano said.

It violated, Lozano added, a mandatory provision of law, Article 5 of the Civil Code, and also Section 74 of the Omnibus Election Code. (With files lifted from TMT)

But in spite of all these, no ruling has yet been issued, leaving the matter hanging. And this is where the call of Senate President Franklin Drilon must be heeded.

That is that Comelec should postpone the printing of the ballots for the 2016 elections while waiting for the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision on the disqualification cases against Senator Grace Poe. The same goes for Duterte.

After the oral argument on January 19, Drilon said the two parties involved are usually given 10 days to submit a memorandum. (With reports from PDI)

will truly be chaotic if the duo’s names are printed on the ballots, with either one or both eventually disqualified from running before election time.

* * * *

The woes of the Binay family shore up even more. Detractors, not perhaps contented with his dismissal from the mayorship and disqualification to hold any public office, filed another plunder case versus ousted Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr., and is this time, facing a complaint for allegedly transacting business with two information technology companies whose stockholders were alleged dummies of his father, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

It was Renato Bondal again, a former barangay (village) captain and Junjun rival for the mayorsip in Makati City who lost to the younger Binay in the 2013 elections, who filed the six-page complaint on Friday.

On both father and son Jejomar and Junjun, Bondal had earlier filed two plunder complaints before the Ombudsman. One case is connected with the alleged anomalous P1.3-billion Makati Science High School Building, and another over the alleged misuse of P547.42 million funds meant for the University of Makati’s (UMak) College of Nursing (now College of Applied Health Studies). (With reports from TMT)

* * * *

The path for the late Mother Teresa for elevation to sainthood next year has been cleared. This comes in the wake of Pope Francis’ recognition of a second miracle attributed to her.

Mother Teresa, revered for her work with the poor in an Indian city of Kolkata, is expected to be canonized on September 4 as part of the pope’s Jubilee year of mercy.

The second documented miracle of Mother Teresa is the healing of a Brazilian national suffering from multiple brain tumors in 2008.

Mother Teresa, born to Albanian parents in what is now Skopje in Macedonia, is known across the world for her charitable deeds.

At the ripe age of 87, she passed away in 1997. Dubbed as the “Saint of the Gutters,” she spent her life with the poor, the sick and the dying in the slums of Kolkata.

The beatified nun won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

It was Pope John Paul 2nd who fast-tracked the process in 2003, in a ceremony attended by some 300,000 pilgrims.

* * * *

Here are two personalities who talk and act presidential. Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday called on all political parties and government leaders to stop disruptive bickerings that he says affect economic growth.

Binay said his Christmas wish is to have a long-lasting peace particularly in Mindanao, and for politicians to desist being the puppet of groups and political leaders

He called politicians’ attention to the communist New People’s Army that called for a ceasefire during the yuletide season.

On the other hand, asked by reporters for comments on the Roxas-Duterte tiff, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and vice presidential bet, distanced himself from the heated verbal tussle between two presidential aspirants.

In the same forum, he asked media to leave him out of the issue, adding in jest, he doesn’t want to be slapped in the end.

Further, he said, it’s Christmas, the season of joy, let’s then indulge ourselves a little bit and feel some of that joy, as well as spreading the same. (With reports from PS)

* * * *

Tomorrow Sunday, the more affluent members of the Monggueh Cabinet have pooled resources and will tender a Christmas gathering with all other members.

To my mind, those who were asked to chip in for a specified amount, are of course, the chairman himself, and the vice, Michael Chiong, who volunteered for a lechon.

The others are Mr. Virgilio Shia, retired Allied Bank executive, Cianing “Kim Su” Tan, George Yeo, Benito Uy, Tiago Santiago, (Alias, James Luy), Minsang Perez and Alex Wee. (Quirino and Quintin, both Yeos, out of town.) The rest chipped in, too but with no specific amount. Tuat Tauwa”Gan, Monster Kingkong, Nonie Dondoyano and this fellow.

If ever, a name or two was/were missed, corrections will be made tomorrow.

* * * *

In a firmer move of the international community to fight terrorism, the UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution to cut off funds for the extremist group Islamic State (IS), .

The measures include asset freezing, travel ban and arms embargo. The Islamic State is referred to as the ISIL and Daesh that controls large swaths of Syria and Iraq, including oil and gas fields, according to the resolution.

The resolution was adopted by the 15-nation UN body at an open meeting chaired by US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, whose country holds the rotating council presidency for December.

The resolution decided to “freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of these individual groups, undertaking and entities, including funds derived from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly, by them or by persons acting on their behalf or at their direction, and ensure that neither these nor other funds, financial assets or economic resources are made available, directly or indirectly for such persons’ benefit, by their nationals or by persons within their territory.” (MB)