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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 15:29

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The Zamboanga City Public Safety Company led by Supt. Ariel Huesca continues to score big in the fight against criminality.

Friday night Huesca and his men surprised customers inside bars, and in the process arrested four individuals, including a Coast Guard and a militiaman for possession of shabu.    This one was in a bar along Tetuan Highway.

The team also impounded their two motorcycles.

In another operation along Gov. Camins Avenue, the same team confiscated a bladed weapon from a bar habitue. The police operation, dubbed “inspection and visitation to amusement centers” particularly KTV bars, is part of a move in protecting the city against possible bomb plots by terror  groups.

* * * *

In one of the leading dailies in Manila, this corner chanced upon a reader’s comments so shot full of very unsavory comments on Manny Pacquiao, to the point of using trash language in criticizing his bid for the senate, . So, this corner, wrote a brief reaction of it. Just could not tell if it was sent, for I may have clicked the wrong icon as the write-up went missing.

In any case, this was its tenor.

No one should just foul-mouth anybody with the likes of Pacquiao.

Pacquiao may not be that schooled but he is aggressive and has shown a lot of common sense, practical knowledge and a high level of initiative.

Unlike other under-schooled elective officials, soon after he was elected congressman, Pacquiao immediately hired an English language tutor and learned the lingo fast.

And soon after, he enrolled in a crash course on parliamentary rules and procedures, and of all learning institutions in the country - per media accounts, he chose the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

Can anyone beat that. That is pure and simple aggressiveness, a lot of common sense, practical knowledge and a high level of initiative rolled into one.

And the critic who dared Pacquiao to look into the mirror and ask himself if he is fit for the senate, must first do the same. And ask himself if his english is masterful enough to be a worthy critic and outdo Pacquiao in it.

Reading the critic’s lines, I bet my bottom peso, after the Pacquiao tutorings, Pacquiao will beat him black and blue.

And I do not mean with his fists. That is undebatable.

* * * *

The Duterte disqualification case is truly confusing. Former Sen. Kit Tatad, writing for TMT, questions the Commission on Elections (Comelec) en banc move to “accept” or at least “receive” Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s belated substitute candidacy, despite a formal legal opposition to it.

The Comelec move, he said, only raised more questions than answers, for according to Comelec Chair, Andres Bautista, their role is simply administrative and ministerial, and worse still is that their act is without prejudice to finally rule on the petition filed by broadcaster Ruben Castor for the mayor’s disqualification.

Too late the hero.

Tatad said, Comelec’s action on Duterte is embarrassingly akin to its action in the case of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares. While the First and Second Divisions disqualified Poe and cancelled her CoC for her Comelec still refused to strike her out of the list of certified presidential candidates.

Whew. Again this boils down to the long-time coming Supreme Court final ruling on  the disqualification cases.. Meaning, the predicted mayhem resulting from this situation is a certainty.

* * * *

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) gave  the country’s estimated 54 million registered voters of assurance the alleged integrity and credibility of the new vote counting machines (VCMs) in view of allegations that it is priming the machines for massive cheating to ensure the victory of administration candidates in the 2016 polls.

The VCM, it will be noted, is simply the re-named OMRs of the old Precinct Count Optical Scan or devilish PCOS machines that were used in the 2011 and 2013 elections. And those dogs with different collars, were supplied by the same firm as in the broadly felt two previous cheating-marred elections, SMARTMATIC.

Integrity and credibility? Machines and users. My eye.

* * * *

Rigoberto Tiglao of TMT shakes up even more. Not only against Pres. Aquino, but on rival paper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

He writes, the Commission on Audit (COA) has been, even through the martial law regime, one of the most prestigious agencies of the Philippines, with its reputation untainted by graft or partisanship.

He continues, with just a few months remaining for what he termed as this inglorious Administration, the COA will be left as another institution damaged by President Benigno Aquino II.

Tiglao says Aquino has turned COA into a political weapon.

Surging late into the late stage of the electoral game, the yellow regime uses the COA for its political ends.

As if scripted, after a COA report mysteriously leaked to media alleging unliquidated funds of the Office of the Vice President, the next day, another accusation against Binay by former Makati vice mayor Renato Bondal hogged the headlines of the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s front pages for nearly 44 consecutive days.

And supposedly, the accuser is the same man whose allegations have been proven false,  It’s the familiar flurry of accusations for a vilification campaign, he added.

He continued that he had been asked in the comments section of his column why he hasn’t written much about the allegations against Binay. His simple answer, he wrote is: “Why should I, when the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which claims to have the biggest circulation (Manila Times is just no. 4 among the broadsheets) seemed to have found as its newest cause this year the demonization of the Vice President? Why should I help it in its project, which could have been undertaken for not-so-noble reasons?

* * * *

Congress is under fire for supposedly passing a special law giving immunity to children who commit criminal acts. It is complained that in view thereof, there is a growing number of juvenile delinquents.

Allegedly aware they are immune from prosecution, a lot of juvenile delinquents are getting bolder in their criminal activities like robbery since they can always seek protection from punishment in the special law on Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL).

Complaints go on that Police and barangay officials now have to contend with young law offenders every day and just let them go with almost no other recourse and certainty that they will not repeat their criminal acts.

A Manila policeman, declining to be identified said, lawmakers made such a law - excusing the youth from criminal prosecution - but it did not come up with solutions to prevent the youth from becoming criminals.

Truth is, this corner came across such new law only now. All the while, I thought, the prosecution of youngsters were still in effect, with their punishment, under suspended execution or something to that effect, until they reach age of maturity.

Truly, that piece of legislation needs a revisit.

* * *  *

Last night’s Christmas party of the Monggueh Cabinet proved very festive. Holding sessions normally from about 4 pm to a little over 7 pm, Last night, the activity started at 3 pm and ended a little after 9 pm.

This corner will be posting some pictures of the affair in his facebook timeline and possibly one or two in the pages of DZT.

* * * *

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is on his routine push and pull again. After first daring rival presidential bet, Mar Roxas and later  accepting Roxas’s counter-challenge challenge, Duterte is backtracking anew, saying the administration candidate first improves his rankings in surveys for a debate.

Well, well, well. Duterte could be in a tight fix, if the Manila Standard, a Manila-based daily, is to be believed.

In a Standard Poll, conducted by resident pollster Junie Laylo from Dec. 4 to 12, Roxas reported to have moved up to No. 3 from a low of low of 4, thereby improving his ratings.

And on the contrary, Duterte was listed as no. 4.

Where does that leave him now... Push or pull still?

* * * *

In subject Standard Poll above-cited, despite two decisions disqualifying her from the 2016 presidential polls, Senator Grace Poe continued to rank No. 1.

This time, however, all four (4) contenders were slightly distanced from one another.

Poe posted a percentage of 28; Binay, 23; Roxas, 22; Duterte, 19 and Santiago, 3.

The survey covered 1,500 respondents - all of whom are registered voters with biometrics and who said they are sure to vote in next year’s elections - from 76 provinces across the country and the 17 cities in the National Capital Region.