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Sunday, 27 December 2015 15:00

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

After my column entitled “What’s new for Christmas 2015" saw print the other day Dec. 23, reactions from concerned Zamboanga Del Norte residents came pouring in on my FB account, informing Table Talk, that this did not happen during the whole three terms of former Zamboanga Del Norte Provincial Governor Rolando “Lando” Yebes. The good governor always saw to it, every Christmas season, all his provincial employees got their salaries and bonuses so they may celebrate Christmas merrily like everyone else and not only the affluent. These are good comments from former provincial officials and some municipal mayors who finished their 3 terms in public service. One former municipal mayor of Zamboanga Del Norte, even said, incumbent Provincial Governor Uy should follow the footsteps of Lando Yebes, in taking care of provincial employees because they are the workhorse of the province.Indeed, after all, salaries and bonuses on Christmas are government grants from people’s taxes and not coming from the personal funds of an elected officials. Share the blessings, Governor Uy, COA always know the difference between corruption and legal disbursements.

* * * *

One comment passed on to Table Talk is a question of, Why is Governor Uy more concerned on unfinished projects in the barangays and municipalities but unconcerned on his provincial employees who have worked for those salaries and bonuses the whole year? In case the governor forgot, it is accepted worldwide and even in all religions that “charity begins at home”. Bbefore you go out and distribute a “windfall”, make sure your household members are happy and contented. This is a fact of life that should always be followed.

* * * *

Table Talk is not from Zamboanga Del Norte but has many friends in that province from all walks of life and they share their concern with the hope that they can be assisted, because, nothing happens to their complaints in Dipolog City, capital of Zamboanga Del Norte. Well, there is a saying in Spanish “El hijo, no llorar, no tomar”, a child who does not cry will not drink milk.  Governor Uy, your provincial employees are crying so loud, please give them milk to drink.

* * * *

Scoop:To all those who poured their sentiments on this terrible and sad issue, Table Talk wishes you the best to come this yuletide season, to Governor Uy, God bless and please have a heart for these poor provincial employees who maybe innocent victims of local politics. My good long time friend Mayor Norbi Edding who is also a farmer like me in Zamboanga Del norte, may you and your family have the best and God’s blessings this Christmas Season from me and my family. To all my FB friends, Cheers this Christmas from Table Talk.