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Saturday, 02 January 2016 15:20

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Local uninformed men score again. Congratulations.

Combined elements of the Curuan Police Station, S2, SIU, ZCPO, PDEA9, RMU9, RID9, TFZ, RHS9, RPSB9 and EOD/K9 confiscated guns, ammunition and drugs during a raid in Barangay Muti last Sunday morning.

The troops, armed with search warrants swooped down on the barangay in search of the items.

Search Warrants were served on Omar Isnilun at NiyogNiyog, Muti; Malling Ujajun. The others all of Palo-Palo, were Muti; Yusop Ujajun,; Barri Hapil; Malling Ujajun, and Hussin Hapil.

At the Hapil residence, the latter and his two unidentified companions opened fire on the raiding team that triggered a brief shootout, when the search warrant was being served.

The three, however, managed to escape amid bushes.

Recovered were one rifle grenade, 30 rounds ammos of 5.56mm, 57 rounds of ammos of 7.62mm, .38 cal revolver Smith and Wesson SN # 31954, 2 ammos of .38 revolver, 6 ammos of cal. 40, 8 ammos of cal. 30, M14 trigger assembly, one magazine m16 long, one green bandolier, 8 P100 bills, 5 P20 bills, drug paraphernalia, one sling type magazine pouch, two stainless pairs of scissors and two bottles of fish bomb.

All warrants were issued by Judge Gregorio V. Dela Pena III, Executive Judge, 9th Regional Trial Court, and Judge Eric D. Elumba, RTC Branch 13, ZC.

And the confiscated items, as well as those arrested, were taken to the police office for investigation and filing of charges in court. They were charged for violation of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunitions Regulations Act of 2013 and Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (With DZT reports)

* * * *

You will recall, yesterday we ran a brief item on a helpful policeman, who without being requested, helped a differently-abled person.

Then it can be said, if there is a good policeman, there is also a bad policeman. But in this particular case, the subject PNP man is not really bad. Inconsiderate is a better word, for he was, in truth, simply doing his work. But sans tact.

It is known, the first Monggueh cabinet session is mornings at National Bakery. And that stretch of the road where the bakery lies is a no-parking area. Quite understandable.

But the cabinet has been holding morning sessions there years that last, at the most only until 8 am. During that time, traffic is not yet that snarling. So a member or two at the most park their vehicles there.

In that span of time, hundreds of policemen have been assigned there. And the most that all do, is stand by the side of the bakery and motion for the car owners to move out when traffic gets somewhat tight.

But the one assigned there effective yesterday is made of different stuff. As soon as two of the cabinet member-drivers got out and opened their respective vehicles, without warning, they were ticketed. And not with the lesser costing City citation but with an LTO T.O.P. - which compared to the citation of about P200 at the most, LTO’s is P1,600.

This the peace officer adamantly carried out in spite of some attempts of explanations, such as that he parked there because his passenger, Tauwa, is differently-abled. The cabinet member referred to is Cianing “Kimsu” Tan, father-in-law of Police Senior Superintendent Jonathan Perez. And Kimsu never cited that relationship. Though disappointed, he accepted his fate. His companion, Hadji :Big Boy” Salam of the same tribe of the apprehending officer, just kept silent but grudgingly took the ticket.

As this corner had advanced here, the policeman was not bad, but he is inconsiderate. First day on tour in the area, he should have, at least, first ask the driver-members to move out their vehicles or warned them on the first offense.

To claim that he doesn’t know where the vehicle owners are, is shallow. A smarter police assigned there earlier, simply blew his whistle in front of the bakery three times, and the driver of a motorcycle parked outside solo immediately understood, went out, thanked him and moved the MC out. That is what is smart and understanding. The policeman was surnamed Serra, and the driver was yours truly.

The inconsiderate police, both hero and heel. He is known to this keyboardist, but we will keep his name in secrecy, for this item carries a negative effect.

* * * *

The sad plight of abandoned children and distraught women at the city-owned and operated Social Development Center (SDC) and the Women Crisis Center (WCC) at their sight, “bled the heart” of Cong. Celso L. Lobregat, when he went on his yearly visit to the facilities to cheer the occupants.

Reportedly, what greeted Lobregat, in the company of Councilor Myra Paz Valderrosa, were the huge holes caused by the mortars and bullets that jarred the city during the infamous “Zamboanga Siege” in 2013.

He was stunned seeing the gaping holes still unrepaired, when the Zamboanga Siege had occurred two years ago.

What baffled him more were that all their comfort rooms (CRs) are condemned, except for one.

He was quoted as lamenting, “Que ver tu, (Imagine) 75 boys using only one CR, y clogged and tan overflow pa?” (Clogged up and overflowing). Nuay (no) shower for these kids to take a bath, y disnudo pa sila (and they naked still). Cosa man se?( What’s this?),”

Ay, habla ya lang, Cong kay chene pa ba otro rason? (Just say it, Cong ‘cause there is no other reason.) Say that it’s government neglect.

And as city-owned and run the facilities are, it is the neglect of present Mayor, Her Honor, Beng Climaco.

Chene pa ba otro rason? Pabor habla. (Is there any other reason? Pray say it.) (With story lines by Jun Feliciano)

* * * *

Engr. Ed Ancheta sure is true to his word. December 26, in a radio interview over Wild/FM(91.5), he gave assurance of a stable power supply for the whose peak period this Yuletide records up to 91mw

He explained that this can very well be attained, for the city doesn’t actually use up the entire 50mw from WMPC, but lesser, depending on Zamcelco’s nomination as to how much is intend to be consumed.

At the same time, he urged legal member-consumers of Zamcelco to report any discovered illegal tapping n ear them that could cause its transformer to overload, causing the sudden power outage in some sections of the city. (With ZT reports)

* * * *

Columnist Nelson Celis writes, “TMT Automated Election System Watch (AESW) has again predicted that on February 9, 2016, three (3) months before the national and local elections (NLEs) on May 9, 2016, Comelec will not comply with RA 9369 or the automated election law. The prediction is based on Comelec’s past performances in 2010 and 2013, specifically its violation of Section 11 and other provisions associated with information technology (IT).”

AESW has said, Comelec’s Technical Evaluation (TEC) has to, through an established international certification entity (ICE), not later than three (3) months before the date of the electoral exercises, categorically report that the Automated Election System, including its hardware and software components, is operating properly, securely, and accurately, in accordance with the provisions of RA 9369. based, among others, on the following \results (which should be documented results)

Since Comelec has not complied with the requirement since January 2007, there is no promulgated Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) as reference for detailed proper actions in handling the AES project.

The WATCH then asks, “What could be the problem that prevents Comelec from promulgating the Implementing Rules and Regulation?”

Let us then venture a guess. As Comelec has the capacity to do it, having so many lawyers under its employ, the failure is intentioned.

The guess - It could be the ploy to ease up the system of cheating in the polls to favor you know which side. (Credits to N. Celis)

* * * *

It must have been only yesterday or the day before, when we wrote of a mother pleading, through reights advocate Susan Ople, for help on the plight of her son, Joselito Zapanta, the Filipino migrant worker from Bacolor, Pampanga, who was convicted for the murder of a Sudanese over an argument on rent.

Too late it was. Zapanta has been executed in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Per human rights monitors, he was the153rd person put to death this year in the ultra-conservative kingdom. The 35-year-old worker was found guilty by the Riyadh Grand Court of killing Saleh Imam Ibrahim with a hammer following a dispute. And the blood money was pegged at over P40 million, with a raised sum, with government help of only some P28 m now deposited in a bank in the Arab country in the name of the Philippine embassy.

Executions in Saudi Arabia are usually carried out by beheading with a sword. (TMT)


When feeling helpless against unconscienced militants, this is how it should. A tooth for a tooth and an eye for any eye.

Residents of a remote village in M’lang town, North Cotabato, majority of whom are Ilonggo settlers, have started arming themselves to protect their lives, properties, and livelihood from possible attacks launched by armed Moro fighters.

But the Ilonggos, contrary to reports, are not members of the Ilaga Movement, an extremist and pro-government, para-military group organized in the 70s to fight against Moro rebellion.

Armando Tongcua, chairman of Barangay Tibao, M’lang, denied they are members of the Ilaga. He said, they are ordinary civilians who only want to protect ourselves from attacking Moro inhabitants coming from nearby town of Kabacan in North Cotabato.

On December 26, three of Barangay Tibao’s civilian volunteers and tanods (village peacekeepers) were injured when they engaged in a running gun battle with armed Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.