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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 14:07

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Sulu Vice Governor Sakur Tan has expressed concern over the proliferation of warning messages of alleged impending attacks by militant forces, prompting him to call on the public to be extra careful in dealing with the scary contents of the text messages, being spread by unknown sources.

And such text message warnings are not limited to Sulu. The same, you will agree, has been rampant in this city, too. Some are even posted on the net. One such post said, Sta. Catalina residents are on a state of alert, because residents from nearby barangays have been allegedly vacating their areas due to supposed sightings of armed men in the vicinity, and that scores of government troops were seen moving to their barangay at night time.

Good for Sulu, its officials are conscientious enough to exert efforts to appease their constituents.

Does one hear of that in this city ..? You tell this corner.

In the same message of pacification, Tan urged those who receive such text messages to inform the police so  authorities could take appropriate actions to stop its proliferation.

These alarming messages tend to scare and sow fear among civilians. And we cannot blame people to become wary at times. So, the least our authorities should is go the extra mile and move to assuage the fears of their constituents, assuring them of ready government response to any eventuality.

* * * *

One other good observation in the province of Sulu. Quite evident is that civilians are on the alert and are sympathetic to the cause of the government.

The recent arrest of Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) member in Patikul, by combined military and police operatives is reported to have been effected on tips sent to authorities by civilian groups.

Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado, Joint Task Group Sulu commander named the arrested ASG member as Junni Jumala of Barangay Umangay, Patikul.

He said the arresting team confiscated from the possession of Jumala a caliber .38 revolver with 18 rounds of ammunition.

Arrojado added, Jumala was involved in a series of killings in Patikul and Jolo towns, and also in the ambush of Patikul Vice Mayor Jun Tarsum in December 2015.

* * * *

For the second year in a row, Zamboanga City recorded zero firecracker-related injuries during the New Year revelry.

The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) and the Zamboanga City Police Office also jointly announced, there was also a no stray bullet-related incident during the festivities.

Both offices attribute this to the implementation of the ordinance banning the sale, use, manufacture and display of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices.

There were, however, sounds of firecracker explosions in some areas in the city, but, hoever, minimal and not one injury was reported in hospitals and clinics, according to CDRRMO head, Dr. Elmeir Apolinario.

Invoking Ordinance 431 and Republic Act 7183, police authorities managed to apprehend and confiscate several firecrackers and even improvised cannons intended for use during the New Year carousing.

* * * *

Upon reading that personnel of the vaunted Zamboanga City Public Safety Company led by the equally foreboding Supt. Ariel Huesca effected the arrest of reported member of the Civilian Armed Auxiliary (CAA) my immediate feelings were of dismay and sympathy to the subject individual.

Although determined - but with a considerate heart - how could the good Col. be so merciless as to pin down even a militia man.

On further reading, though, this keyboardist had a change of heart. The arrested guy deserved it, after all. As things turned out, the man - Han Albani y Julkanain, 49, married - was earlier arrested by the team for violation of R.A. 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. He was reported though to have been released from police custody, for an unspecified reason.

“Oplan Bulabog” as the term suggests is a surprise raid on unsuspecting individuals. Huesca told Zamboanga Today that his troops left their headquarters Saturday dawn and proceeded to Dacon area in Recodo at Barangay Recodo, this city, Saturday night for the shocker of a raid.

Huesca said they recovered from the suspect a SAM 1911 shooters caliber .45 pistol with serial number S8970153, and a magazine loaded with 7 live ammunition.

* * * *

Latest on the Supreme Court (SC) re-Poe disqualification case seems mix-ups of muddled reports. It was earlier reported that the SC is on a long break, and will resume holding office only on the 7th. And there has been no report that it will hold special sessions within the break period.

Today, it is reported that the SC en banc came out with a resolution on Monday saying Senior Justices Antonio Carpio, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro and Arturo Brion will have no part in the resolution of David’s petition because of their prior participation in the Senate Electoral Tribunal. This is in contrast to yesterday’s report.

But then, accordingly, the three justices refused to inhibit themselves from attending the hearing of the  petition filed by Poe appealing a decision of the Commission on Elections en banc disqualifying her from joining the presidential race for not being a natural-born Filipino.

Now, which is which and what is what. Has there been a special session? Will the three senior members participate in the deliberations.

Whew..! As they say in the chabacano lingo, as coined by the now late Teng Borromeo, “Buyung tayo” (I am confused)

* * * *

So, the SC was indeed open last Monday. This other report says, Former Sen. Kit Tatad on Monday, filed a petition asking the SC to dissolve the order it issued stopping the Comelec from disqualifying Poe and dropping her from the list of presidential candidates.

Tatad contended that the temporary restraining order the tribunal issued should be lifted and set aside since the poll body did not abuse its power when it disqualified Poe.

Through counsel Manuelito Luna, he stated that the Comelec “acted within the bounds of its power and functions when it denied Poe’s motion for reconsideration and canceled her certificate of candidacy for President in connection with the May 9, 2016 national and local elections.” (With TMT reports)

* * * *

As if the confusion is not yet crammed full. Was about to swing to another topic, when a forwarded text message came in from Alex Wee as sent by Cising Ledesma, supposedly quoting Radio Brigada.

But don’t take this as gospel truth.

The message - “Latest news... Brigada News FM at 12 noñtime... Apabor el Supreme Court cun Grace Poe. El decision del SET qualified si Grace Poe para kore for President. Sigi lang el Supreme Court. Patatas y kamatis ya kanda … (Oooops, censored. A campaign line followed.)

Hmmm … Could just be that campaign line.

In any case, here’s another chabacano lingo, “Let us to see”

* * * *

Manilan devotees to the Black Nazarene is seen growing in number. Last year some 9, 000 adorers were estimated to have to visited the Quiapo Church with in the week preceding the annual fiesta.

And on Saturday, at least 12 million adorers are expected to flock to the Black Nazarene in the Church.

The religious feast will culminate in a grand procession that saunters through Manila’s streets.

Manila Police District director, Chief Supt. Rolando Nana, on Monday said preparations for the huge annual procession began as early as in November last year.

More than a thousand police personnel from the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) Police Office (NCRPO) will augment the 3,000-strong Manila police force.

Last year, 5.5 million people participated in the “traslacion” that lasted almost 24 hours. Two persons died - one due to a heart attack.

Every year, millions of shoeless devotees participate in the religious festival, a testament to the vibrancy of the Catholic faith in the Philippines.

Such is the faith of the Manilans, particularly in the Black Nazarene.

And surely seen to strengthen that faith is the recent Tondo fire. Gutting almost a thousand houses, including those surrounding a smallchapel that houses an image of the Black Nazarene, the chapel stood untouched by the flames.

* * * *

Compassion in public service must bed the mark of the next administration that will lead our nation.    Such was the gist of the statement issued yesterday by Vice Presidential Bet, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Marcos opined that that virtue would address many of the problems that the country is facing.

“Our next leaders must be sensitive in understanding the needs of our people by putting themselves in their shoes so that they would be able to respond sincerely, quickly and resolutely. The next administration must be resolute in laying down compassion, the basic rule of public service,” Marcos pointed out.

He said many of the problems that Filipinos have been experiencing may be traced back to inept officials.

In conclusion, Marcos said, “There is apathy in our leaders today, that is why there is a disconnect between what is required to be done and the policies being pursued.” (With TMT quotes)