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Friday, 08 January 2016 14:20


BY Sarita Sebastian

What a great year to start! I am so happy to see returning tourists in our lovely city. I did not expect to see them again. Our visitors from Russia and Japan did not have second thoughts to come back, they said they truly LOVE ZAMBOANGA.

Kato Yasuo, a well travelled Japanese national,  surprised me this morning ( January 7, 2016) in my office. Oh yeah! He fell in love with our Sta. Cruz Island , he being a diver and who loves the beach so much. He is looking forward to eat the sea grapes (“LATU’) with the  “asao pescao”, lol. And this time , Kato-san will stay for longer days, hoping to explore the tourism potential of the city.

As for our Russian tourists, well,  my staff Richard (in charge of Sta Cruz island) , is taking care of them. They look forward to enjoy the sun and sand of our pink island with  the opportunity of swimming in the clear blue water.

* * * *

I look forward to meet up with hotel and restaurant owners in the city to discuss the services offered to our visitors and the locals too. Unfortunately there are many complaints received by my office with regard to the kind of services offered.

While we may not be able to perfect what is expected from the accommodation and restaurant  business here, but at least , we should try our best to give the best to our clients or customers and make them feel it’s worth the price.

One typical example  ,which made my right eyebrow raised to the highest altitude, was an experience of my balikbayan friends (last December) in a new restaurant. They were so excited to visit the place and was looking forward to have a good meal. But por dios y por santo , Accordingly, the food served was blunt, no placemats on the table and worse utensils placed were still wet. And when you see how the concerned resto advertise their place, MURAG CORRECT, says my friend.

It breaks my heart to learn such situation, considering the owner is not new in the business and mind you, they make big bucks ! Quiere lang ase sen, sin pensar de clase de servicio ta ase dale o ofrese na public. Bantay kamo!

* * * *

Time and again, we have been telling our accommodation business operators in the city , that the acceptable universal  color of towels, bed sheets and  pillow cases is WHITE, hende Dirty White! Maka ugut, because some , maskin bien daan ya el maga towels, color lodo ya, ta planta pa na kwarto del visita, que barbaridad.  Do not be so complacent , because Tita Cil will check on you!  — Email me at