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Saturday, 09 January 2016 13:32

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


There are some points all should know about the botched search in the residence of Hadji Meriam Akari, a kagawad of Baliwasan.

Botched, yes for the search proved negative. The kagawad is clear of any derogatory acts.

The points. Earlier on, there have scuttlebutts that subject Kagawad Akari is allegedly engaged in the illegal trade. Barangay Captain Jaime “Boday” did extensive personal sleuths on the report, and found it negative. He also tasked his men to do probes on their own. Results proved negative, too.

And there was that time, she reported to Cap Boday — with this corner in company — that two men on separate occasions, went to her house seeking to supposedly buy drugs, alleging that it was a “barangay government -connected individual” who had pointed to her as an alleged dealer.

Accordingly, she angrily drove them out, defiantly declaring she does not engage in such illicit trade.

She then asked for our advice on what to do, fearful of a possible raid and dreading possible “tanim-droga” (planting of drugs). Boday and this corner told her to report the matter to PDEA and the police. And she did, naming even the supposed “barangay government -connected individual” showing us later the formal complaint.

The document was clearly marked “For record purposes only, not for airing” as also advised. Then came the raid a day ago. The rest is history.

Oh, yes, while the simultaneous raid on a son’s adjoining house yielded a handgun, drugs proved negative, too.

It so happens, gun owner is one of the trusted tanod members in Baliwasan, and very surely Cap Boday would have a ready answer for the gun possession.

Last heard, Boday is set to show documents on hand to show is legality.

* * * *

Speaking of search warrants, my little police training at the then NAPOLCOM Training Center, now the Public Safety College, says such document — under our constitution-provided basic rights — must be specific in terms of exact place to be searched and the precise items that are illegal.

Pardon if I am wrong, such specifics call for the naming of the place to be searched, such as which part — room, sala, bedroom, dining room or kitchen?

If memory serves me right, the warrant should also identify the exact place the supposed illegal items are kept -  the closet, desks, bed, bag, etc.?, to include which drawer - the top, the 2nd, the 3rd or the bottom?

As in the Akari case, very likely the search was clearly for suspected illegal drugs. If so, the gun should not even have been touched, even if illegal it may be.

Well, just refreshing my memory from some of the lectures given us by the late Prof. Jesus Aquino and then Training Superintendent Atty. Marantal, solicited as they were to confirm a separate earlier lecture by then College Dean and senior agent of the NBI-Manila, Atty. Prudencio Valencia, in the College of Criminology and Penology at the University of Manila .

Their views matched.

* * * *

Months have passed since the deadly fire hit a big portion of the city’s old public market, but the City-led investigation report of the deadly market fire that struck it facilities, is still to be completed.

City Legal Officer Judge Jesus Carbon explains, the delay is traced to the non-submission of the formal findings by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-Manila.

He says, on their part, they have a draft report consisting of 27 pages to be submitted to the mayor but it is still incomplete because we are awaiting for said report of the BFP-Manila.

Such report will shed light and determine the cause of the market fire, is to be incorporated in the City’s investigation report prior to its submission to the mayor.

It will be recalled, occupants were sleeping in a padlocked building when the fire, believed to have been triggered by faulty electrical wiring, broke out.

It is the practice for vendors and their families to regularly spend the night inside the market to watch over their merchandise, mostly used clothes and vegetables. But such    practice is a violation of the market ordinance which prohibits them from making the place their sleeping quarters.

Reportedly, the victims were trapped in the burning building, and couldn’t find their way out.

And why there were allowed to turn their spaces into sleeping quarters is one thing that needs valid answers.

* * * *

The bombastic Roberto Tiglao goes on with his furious shots at the president. Today, he writes, “Benigno Aquino 3rd has got to be this nation’s most unscrupulous and hypocritical President ever, one who doesn’t respect the country’s institutions, especially the judiciary.”

He opines, Aquino’s latest  “really scandalous moves” silently done at the twilight of his term is to increase his control over the Supreme Court, a move which could even determine the eligibility of Grace Poe-Llamanzares to run for President.

Tiglao also described Aquino’s unprecedented campaign to remove the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Renato Corona as a move to arm-twist the Court to rule that compensation for his clan’s Hacienda Luisito would be a humongous P5 billion, instead of the P196 million which the Court had appeared to believe was fair and just.

Also, he said, his very first appointee to the Court, Maria Lourdes Sereno, who he later appointed Chief Justice as Corona’s replacement, had written the voluminous dissenting opinion, he believes, was presented to the Court to argue in detail for the Cojuangcos to be given the stupendous P5 billion compensation for their Hacienda Luisita.

No wonder Tiglao has the guts to bad-mouth, given such scenarios.

Whew! “nation’s most unscrupulous and hypocritical President ever.” Gutsy, truly to be able to mouth it.

* * * *

No wonder, Pres. Aquino is seen moving heaven and earth to try and ensure the victory of his ward in the presidential fight.

So many cases against him could surely be lodged against him after his term in office. And only a trusted ally of a president could have save him.

And Former Sen. Francisco Tatad has a unique way of predicting it. He writes that President Aquino will surely have a “second term.”

Hmmm, nice words. But folks, Tatad is speaking of a different “term” - it’s a term in jail!, he says.

Tatad said, broadcaster Herman Laurel had intimated that a couple of individuals are already preparing to file criminal charges against PNoy as soon as he vacates Malacanang, on July 1.

And based on visible developments, the only avenue for a Roxas victory it seems would be the devilish PCOS.

Hopefully then, the opposition will be able to stop that, as even the local candidates will just the same be affected.

* * * *

The Saudi-Iran tension is seen to affect some one million of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

Labor groups on Thursday warned our OFW’s could lose their jobs if war breaks out between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran,

It said, the displacement of such a big number of Filipino workers would prove problematic to government because they would add up to the already 11 million jobless Filipinos in the Philippines.

Thus, spoke Alan Tanjusay, spokesman for the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines-Nagkaisa (TUCP-Nagkaisa).

Earlier, the government of Saudi Arabia cut its ties with Iran after Riyadh’s embassy in Tehran was attacked by protesters hours after Saudi executed Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

And Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas had also said remittances could be affected by escalating tensions in the Middle East. (With TMT reports)

* * * *

The outrage of nations over South Korea’s recent nuclear test explosion heightens.

The United States and two of its main military allies in Asia, South Korea and Japan, pledged a combined push on Thursday to secure a comprehensive, hard-hitting international response to North Korea’s action.

In Seoul, the government also took unilateral action by announcing the resumption of high-decibel propaganda broadcasts into the North - a tactic that had prompted Pyongyang to threaten military strikes as it did during a cross-border crisis last year.

It was South Korea itself that shockingly announced that it had tested its first hydrogen bomb.

Leaders of the three countries have long sought to propel a united front against the North Korean nuclear threat.

Their consultations over the phone followed a meeting of the 15-member UN Security Council in New York which, with backing from China, Pyongyang’s sole major ally, strongly condemned the test and said it would begin work on a new UN draft resolution that would contain “further significant measures.”

UN diplomats confirmed that several sets of sanctions have been imposed on secretive North Korea since it first tested an atomic device in 2006. (With TMT quotes)

* * * *

The Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) was to implement a minor revamp in the positioning of some police officers.

Following command protocols, Police Chief Angelito Casimiro was to formally install the newly designated officers today in a simple turn-over ceremonies at ZCPO Headquarters along Gov. Lim Avenue .

The designations are, Supt. Areston Limos will assume today as the new commander of Zamboanga City Public Safety Company (ZCPSC) vice P/Supt Ariel Huesca who will be designated effective today as the chief of the ZCPO Operations Branch. Police Senior Inspector Helen Galvez, is newly designated as the official spokesperson of ZCPO aside from being the Precinct Commander of the City Hall Community Police Assistance Center (COMPAC) based in Sunken Garden, Police Senior Inspector Chester Natividad will assumed the position as Precinct Commander of Western PCP based in Baliwasan COMPAC, Police Senior Inspector Rolly Joaquino will hold the Eastern PCP based in Ground Zero COMPAC, while Police Chief Inspector Joel Tuttuh will concentrate specifically on Administrative tasks being the chief of Administrative Division of the local police force. (With DZT reports)