High gear tourism info campaign 2016! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 January 2016 13:48


BY Sarita Sebastian

Anytime soon, if approved by the local officials , the City Tourism Office will embark on a high gear information campaign about the local  tourism potentials, the tours we have, tourism sites and the like.

The local campaign forms part of this year’s local government’s thrust to connect closely to the people, for the latter to know the services and other products we have and being offered, setting aside the ROI , lol,  because we are not an income generating entity.

For the love of life, it is just but fair for the people to know what the government can do or offer. The importance of the information campaign is really HIGH. Buyag , Ojala nuay kien man sublang o bien man sasaw de lasangan.

The information campaign entails some requirements, from strategies to be implemented onwards the vehicle or avenue to be used coupled with the materials needed, etc. You just don’t open your mouth and talk like a parrot with matching cheap gestures!  Eww!

* * * *

I am excited and so with my beautiful and intelligent team mates in the office. Lucky for me, because my co-workers in the office are pro-active and responsible mammals. Despite the complexities we experience every now and then , yet I am able to motivate and remind them to BE PRODUCTIVE because  we are being paid by people’s money. I always tell them that we are not beholden to any politician or any appointed public official for that matter, because we are not slaves.

I was informed that I am getting the ire of some elected and appointed officials in the local government because I say my piece of SHIT! Well sorry for you , because I won’t stop. For as long as you continue to sabotage our work, violate our rights as government workers, I will expose  it to the public. Civil Service Commission ? Yes it is in my schedule to visit the mentioned office.

One typical example is our internal communication route. We always put to writing our request, be it for official travel or approval for project proposal. I was informed that if a written communication comes from our office, somebody from the Mayor’s Office will try to institute the delaying tactics , “PARA HINDE MIRA SI MAYOR”. Others say, “Hay nene....Ta irbi daw el sanggre  del algunos , si ta MIRA O LE DIINYO CARTA” !  Ah ansina? toma Lifezar 50 milligrams!  — Email me : Sebastian.sarita@gmail.com