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Friday, 22 January 2016 13:33


BY Sarita Sebastian

“Tourism Human Resource Development is a manageable issue in Asia,” says Mr. Xu Jing, director  for Asia and the Pacific of United Nations World Tourism Oeganizations ,during the Asean Tourism Conference held in Sofitel Hotel in Manila.

Asians are known to be resilient, hospitable and well educated. Qualifying the factors, Mr. Jing disclosed that despite the natural and man-made calamities we do experience every now and then, yet none of it stopped Asians from growing stronger and to work better.  MISMO!

Asians are known as the warmest people in this planet. It is an open book that many tourists visit Asian countries for the said reason. Hospitable!

As far as educational system is concerned, Asians quickly adapts, reacts to the need of technological revolution which sets a plus factor in its performance in as far as travel and tourism matters are concerned.

As part of the Asean Integration, tourism is being highlighted as one of the areas of focus.

Asian which contributed 23% (277 million )of the market share for the world  tourist arrival 2015, is geared towards strengthening its tourism potentials most especially its tourism workforce.

It was a great opportunity given to me by the Local Government to attend such a big tourism event through an official invitation made by the Dept of Tourism.

Indeed locally, we shall do our part alongside with other tourism stakeholders as a result of this development ..Tourism of the future! — Email me at Sebastian.