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Sunday, 24 January 2016 14:51

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

At 8:05 am, this piece today did start grinding early, but definitely will come out late. By 9:00,. Will have to motor off to Zamcelco for the 1st quarter meeting of the Multi-sectoral Electrification Advisory Council (MSEAC) for the year 2016. Dist. 5 board member Wil Bazan, a high school classmate coaxed  me into accepting his nomination for membership in the body. Hence, my entry.

Especially so, now that the proposed sale of the 7-hectare Zamcelco property is a hot issue, will not miss the pow wow for the world. Wish to know its intrinsic worth, open to it as I am.

* * * *

This is one reason why our cabinet labels the Chairman, among other things, a philosopher. Just read on, and you will get our point.

Of chauvinists, bohemians and valentines,  he advises - “Chase her, and she will catch you.”

Get the simple point?

Go chase pa more…

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It’s a good thing, this corner has in store several relevant matters to take up here. Topped by the Zamcelco meeting, the net at where this article sprouts is down still. No time to go elsewhere to surf for issues.

Presidential aspirant and ex-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is skeptical on the outcome of the Mamasapano re-investigation.

He doubts that further probe into infamous massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) police commandos during what was billed as a covert operation in Maguindanao last year will ever resolve “all unanswered and unasked questions.”

To him, there is no other truth aside from the results of the many investigations from resigned justice secretary Leila De Lima of the DOJ, to the Commission on Human Rights, Congress and that of Sen. Grace Poe, Duterte told reporters after a forum at the De La Salle University in Manila on Wednesday.

Duterte said he is aware of confidential information about the incident as he was present in a command conference in Zamboanga City with the President and then interior secretary Manuel Roxas II when the incident happened.

He said he heard something there which he cannot reveal for the conference was held in confidence because it was a security matter.

What that info that was all about, only the top men in government know, as implicated. But then what the heck is ever confidential when public interest stands in the line.

That confidentiality angle only tells us, someone at the top is, at best, guilty.

Let us skip skepticisms and back Sen. Juan Jaun Ponce Enrile in his quest for the truth and justice for the butchery of the fallen 44.

We here take a positive stand on the matter, believing that Enrile does have evidence on hand to pinppoint cuilpability.

* * * *

As anticipated, Manny Pacquiao got a clean bill of health for the staging of his supposed last fight against Timothy Bradley on April 9.

His doctor declared his right shoulder is as good as new.

Noted orthopedic surgeon Neal ElAttrache examined the Fighter of the Decade in Los Angeles late Tuesday afternoon after the press conference for the Pacquiao-Bradley III at Beverly Hills Hotel.

It was ElAttrache who performed the arthroscopic surgery on Pacquiao on May 6 last year for a tear on his rotator cuff, days after his megabuck duel with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Also scheduled are television and radio interviews for the two fighters who will dispute the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, also the venue of their first two fights.

Pacquiao has been guaranteed $20 million for his farewell bout while Bradley will get $6 million—the same figures they got for their rematch in 2014 that went Pacquiao’s way by unanimous decision.

* * * *

On the latest pollster Social Weather Stations survey of Jan. 8 to 10, this year, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay was the choice of 31 of every 100 respondents.

Senator Grace Poe was picked by 24 of every 100, former Interior and Local Governments Secretary Manuel Araneta “Mar” Roxas by 21, and Davao Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte by 20.

Hanging on the to the rear, were Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, the choice of three of every 100; and lawyer Roy Señeres picked by one of every 100.  The survey results were first published, Jan. 15, by Business World.

Per explanation of the SWS pollsters, with the given error margins, it can be said, Grace Poe (at 24 percent), Mar Roxas (at 21 percent), and Duterte (20 percent) are on an implicit tie for second place.

Note, too, that each percentage is equivalent to 440,000 votes, assuming 44 million cast their vote on election day, this coming May 9.

Thus, Binay’s 7-point lead over Poe to the threesome trailers is equivalent to 3.08 million votes. The bet is that given the score, Binay is definitely a frontrunner and if he keeps his pace, is the next President of the Philippines.

However, it is said, Jojo’s three-million-vote lead over Poe is not that insurmountable, especially with the possibility that the Supreme Court might just allow the senator to run and ignore the obvious deficiencies in her qualifications.

Reportedly, for Mar Roxas and Duterte, Binay’s  lead of more than four million votes is very difficult - and steep - to overcome.

The SWS pollsters continued, “Aquino’s Matuwid na Daan mantra has become an astonishingly hollow slogan given the corruption, shenanigans and incompetence at the Department of    Transportation and Communications, the incompetence and corruption at the Department of Agriculture, and the continuing and systematic pillage of the public treasury despite the Supreme Court rulings declaring illegal and unconstitutional two major sources of pork barrel money - the Priority Development Assistance Fund, and the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

Duterte, meanwhile, could by now be a spent force. He hit his stride when he topped the flawed SWS survey in November 2015 with a marvelous voter preference of 38 percent, 17 percentage points or 7.48 million more votes than the two frontrunners previously, Binay and Poe who had an identical 21 percent. Then the Davao mayor started mouthing expletives against Pope Francis after recalling how he was held up by traffic during the January 2015 papal visit.”

In the vice presidential race, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is about to upset long-time frontrunner Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. In the SWS January 2016 survey, the only son and namesake of the Philippines’ longest-serving president is behind Escudero by only 3 percentage points, 25 vs 28 percent. That’s a very thin lead of 1.32 million votes.

The VP race had for a year been a tussle between frontrunner Escudero and come-from-behind aspirant Marcos.  Escudero began in March 2015 SWS survey with a two-to-one advantage over Marcos, 6 percent vs. 3 percent.  But then the young Marcos increased his share of the vote eight-fold in just eight months to 24 percent by Nov. 26 to 28, 2015, while Escudero’s rose only five-fold to 30 percent during the same period.

By January 2016, with an error margin of 3 percent, plus or minus, both Escudero’s 28 percent and Marcos’s 25 percent are considered a tie. The senator from Sorsogon is losing momentum even while the senator from Ilocos Norte is consolidating his. The result by May 9, 2016 could be: A sweet victory for Marcos, a huge disappointment for Chiz. (With TMT clips)

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Whooops… just took an unexcused leave from the Zamcelco meeting just to conclude today’s contribution and send same in a net shop elsewhere to beat the printing deadline, then hurry back to the meeting.

Till next time around, folks. Happy weekend