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Monday, 25 January 2016 15:05


BY Sarita Sebastian


TADAHHHHHHHHH! Our very own Sta Cruz Island has been mentioned in National Geographic  in its Best Trips 2016 Feature article alongside with other beaches in the Philippines.

Muchas Gracias  ERIC TRINIDAD, New York based travel blogger and contributor of National Geographic travel page. He has been around the world. Gee, for our island to be included in such a prestigious magazine, is such an Honor. In fact  Sta Cruz Island is  one of the “20-GO NOW DESTINATIONS ” suggested in National Geographic. Lovely Baby!

The more, we should focus the improvement of the island’s facilities. The Local Government   has set a budget for the purpose. The challenge is now with the local engineering department   on how to make sure the facilities will be put in place, as according to the specifications agreed. We cannot afford to DELAY...we have to move forward.

* * * *

About Sta Cruz Island, it is one of the birding sites  in the upcoming Zamboanga Bird Festival 2016. I am sure my beautiful friend Dr. Milavel Nazario, president of Zamboanga State College of Marine Science and Technology and her staff, are busy preparing.  I am not sure though of the exact date.

Normally the said event is being conducted during the Dia de Zamboanga Festival which is February. As expected, there will be visitors to attend the event. The bird Festival attracts not just Filipino birders but foreigners as well. Bird watching activity is one of the salient features of our eco tour in the city.

Yes, Sta Cruz island is a bird sanctuary too. I am sure a lot of our compoblanos  do not know this information, but indeed it is true. We have had many bird watchers visiting the island for the purpose and I look forward to see more of them. And you can try it too. Let us know if you are interested.

* * * *

I am crossing my fingers for possible tour buyers from the ASEAN TOURISM FORUM. In my last conversation with  DOT IX Regional  Director Maryjune Bugante during the ASEAN TOURISM Conference held in Sofitel Philippine Plaza , Manila last week, there was an Italian tour operator interested to come to the city to do the on-site ocular .

Hopefully this year , more tour buyers will be interested to consider our city for their tour packages. It will be a big boost to our local tourism industry. Manda kita baila maga chonggo para tiene kita swerte..year of the Monkey man kaha. Manada CHONGGO AREREDOR DING dublao el rabo! Ayaw suku! — Email me