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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 11:06

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

By the way things had gone, our apprehension of possible chaos arising from the unresolved Poe and Duterte disqualification cases may come to fruition.

Include there, too, the pending petitions to stop the re-use of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines in this year’s elections.

Such state of affairs may even lead to the suspension of the 2016 elections.

But, according to Former Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr. suspension is possible but not necessarily a no-elections.

He noted, two SC justices are set to retire this year. One is Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr. who cited his deteriorating health for his early retirement. The other is SC justice Arturo Brion. Seemingly, as n o explanation was made, Brillantes must have been hinting of further delays in the SC ruling on the matter.

As things stand, both the names of Sen. Grace Poe and ex-Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte remain in the list of presidential candidates until their decision becomes final and executory.

Just imagine then what happens when one or the other is disqualified along the way leading to election day.

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

* * * *

Presidential bet Duterte does seem enigmatic. Puzzling. Only two days ago, he expressed doubts of successful results on the Mamasapano re-investigation.

He speaks different now, even offering himself as a testator. “I know something about the government action during the Mamasapano incident because I was at the base camp with President Aquino, and if I am called to the Senate inquiry I will tell the truth of what I know because I have the moral obligation to tell what I know,” Duterte said.

Further, he added,, “If I will be called, I will be forced to tell the truth because I would be under oath, there’s no point in telling a lie with another lie,” he told Erica Pabalinas, the widow of Chief Insp. Ryan Pabalinas, who led the predawn SAF assault on Marwan’s hideout in Mamasapano.

Earlier, he had also lamented that he cannot say his piece on the carnage as the conference that he was part of was gathered in confidentiality.

So here’s hoping he is not grandstanding again, as he was speaking with the survivors and next of kin of the 44 SAF commandos slaughtered in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, a year ago yesterday by Moro rebels after a raid in which Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, was killed.

We really do hope there indeed is that turnaround now, for his testimony would prove very vital. What you think?

In conclusion he was quoted as saying, “Gibahugyung SAF 44. The men were thrown into the lion’s lair”

We really do hope was not simply showboating. (With TMT reports)

* * * *

Malacañang is hell-bent to have the Aquino-brokered BBL bill passed before both houses of congress adjourn to usher in the campaign period. Taking after the Sen. Bongbong Marcos-initiated BLBAR, that is now what is called in the lower house.

While several proposed amendments were rejected, the 40 approved ones, as stressed herein recently are very significant and vital.

And as is opt-repeated, better 40 than none. Significant and vital as they are.

Topping the list of deletions is the opt-in provision that could have eventually include Zamboanga in the Bangsamoro region.

Such is the reason that this space heaped accolades unto Dist. 1 Rep. Celso L. Lobregat. He waged a valiant struggle against the acrimonious and schematic bill sponsor, Cagayan de Oro’s Ruffus Rodriguez to snatch the amendments.

* * * *

Writing from the US, Bob Jaldon hit the nail smack on its head. Complementing Cong. Celso Lobregat’s spicied up SOCA speech, Bob hastened “to agree with Mr. Lobregat, our congressman from the first district. In his small way, he opened new vistas as a two-time legislator and three-peater (ala Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant) of a mayor before his new tour of service as congressman that paved the way for new investments and capital flight into the city. Kaya Lang (it so only happens), the more glaring ones came during the incumbency of Mayor Climaco-Salazar so that the lights were focused on her.”

Well said, Bob. That is why, your comments see print here. Hola, amigo.

* * * *

Chief Insp. Hingming Ladjaali is going great guns, too in his new stint as Sinunuc Police Station chief.

Recently, his operatives nabbed a female drug pusher during a buy-bust operation in Barangay Calarian last Friday night.

Collared in the Dodong Apartelle around 6 p.m. was Grace Pamugas, 34.

Confiscated were a sachet of shabu (buy-bust item), P200 marked money, another one sachet of shabu with market value of P1,500, cash money of P340 and several drug paraphernalia.

Pamugas was detained at the Sinunuc Police Station while the seized items were forwarded to the 9th PNP Crime Laboratory for examination.

Ladjaali said Pamugas will be charged for violation of Sections 5,11 and 12 of the Republic Act 9165 in court  (With DZT reports)

* * * *

The Philippine Navy has intercepted and seized a shipment of P6 million worth of contraband offshore this city, a top PN official announced Saturday.

Rear Adm. Jorge Amba, Naval Forces Western Mindanao (NFWM) commander, bared the contraband were intercepted aboard a wooden-hulled vessel around 11:35 p.m. Thursday in the waters of Barangay Recodo, 14.45 kilometers west of City Hall.

The apprehending Navy team was led by Lt. Reynyleo Ballesteros, on aboard a Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC), who spotted M/L Alkawasar with three motorized bancas along side in the act of unloading cargoes.

The three motorized bancas, however managed to speed off to different directions, sensing the presence of the vay’s on-coming MPAC (BA 484).

Seized were 1,500 sacks of refined sugar and assorted cargoes. The vessel and crewmen as well as the cargoes were all undocumented.

It’s a good thing, the vessel was accosted prior to the bancas’ entry into their point of disembarkation, otherwise the smuggled items would easily have been slipped in. You must have somehow heard of certain officials, topped by a non-official close to the power-that-be giving protection to smugglers. (With DZT feeds)

* * * *

The Marine official arrested by a raiding PDEA team inside a drug laboratory claims he is on a top-secret mission under the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) at the time of his arrest.

He was caught on camera in near tears, saying melodramatic things, that “this is the price I pay for loving my country.”

He even hinted he was being framed by shadowy drug lords as he has been effective in pursuing them.

Likewise, he announced the code name for his secret mission, as “Oplan Exodus.”

Seems strange why the military would not issue a definitive stand on the matter.

According to reports, the ISAFP chief himself, Maj. Gen. Arnold Quiapo, sounded as if he were denying Marcelino’s claims, saying the officer is no longer connected with his unit, merely telling reporters: “Ask the Navy as he was assigned to the Philippine Navy Officer’s Candidate School.”

So, what’s the true score? Repeat, there appears no authoritative military stance on the issue. Oh, shucks, what gives? (With TMT quotes)

* * * *

RT - Former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, apparently with the help of the Liberal Party (LP) through Secretaries Florencio Abad of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Mel Sarmiento of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), promised P100 million worth of projects for each mayor who will support his candidacy in the May 2016 presidential elections, according to a highly-placed source.

So, wrote Roberto Tiglao in TMT.

He said, Roxas, standard-bearer of the ruling party, made the pledge in a meeting with members of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) National Executive Committee (NEC) at the Resorts World Hotel in Pasay City (Metro Manila) in December last year.

The Tiglao source, who was present in the meeting, told The Manila Times that the millions worth of projects will be funded under the Bottom Up Budgeting (BuB) program.

There you are. Bingo. Bottom Up Budgeting (BuB) program. That’s the christened PDAP and DAP now.

Same dog with different collar.

* * * *

Can anyone beat this braggadocio?

North Korea’s U.N. mission claims that its successful nuclear bomb test showed that it could now “wipe out” the United States.

Except for America herself, what else is there to say?