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Thursday, 28 October 2010 15:25

It is quite unfair to attribute the  bombing of the Rural Transit bus which was  en route to Tacurong City as handiwork of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.  On the other hand we do not take it against the military from putting the blame on the MILF. It does not belabor the mind to think the military way because experience and past events tell of the unholy alliance between the MILF and the terrorist elements identified with Al Qaeda. Pursuit operations against Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu Sayyaf terrorist bands and even against Alkobar kidnap-for-ransom syndicates conducted by the government forces have almost always end up in MILF-held territories.

The bombing incident which killed 10 including two Muslim innocent civilians is pure and simple dastardly act of terrorism. The improvised explosive devise bear the trademark of those used by the terrorist groups. We are not prepared to drag the MILF into this diabolic carnage for the explosion was merely to kill civilians regardless of whether or not their faith is that of Islam or Christian.

Nevertheless we put to task the military, police and the MILF for this slaughter. It shows the incompetence of the police and the military in securing the safety and security of the commuting passengers. It has been months since we heard of terrorists on bombing missions and our peacekeeping force are back into lethargy.  On the other hand, we blame the MILF for giving sanctuary to terrorist elements who, in turn, trained the former’s combatants in the art of making improvised explosive devises and how to carry out bombing operations.

In time when the MILF and the government are about to resume the peace talks it augurs well if cowardly crime of this nature be curbed. Then the blame game and suspicion will not be resorted to. It will be a noble gesture on the part of the MILF to guard against the use of their camps as asylums of terrorists. Let us remember that in the statistics of casualties brought about by terrorism nearly half of the victims are Muslims. In that route between Kabacan, North Cotabato and Tacurong City in Isulan, half the inhabitants are Muslims and half are Christians wanting to live in peace and productive in their farms.

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