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Sunday, 31 January 2016 14:47



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children…” (Romans 9:8, the Holy Bible).

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YES, WE MUST PROBE 2016 “BIG SPENDER” CANDIDATES: I totally agree with my former law professor at the UP College of Law, Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Miriam Santiago, that an investigation should be conducted on where candidates for this year’s electoral exercise are getting the billions of pesos they have spent, are spending, and will continue to spend in the days to come, for their political advertisements.

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AD EXPENSES CONSTITUTE “UNEXPLAINED WEALTH”: The advertising expenses are now clearly unjustified, and even constitute ostentatious display of wealth at a time of great want and poverty for many Filipinos. It is in fact graft and corruption, under Section 8 of Republic Act 3019, which punishes the acquisition by any public official of unexplained wealth, or property or money manifestly out of proportion to his salary and to his other lawful income.

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POLL BETS MUST BE COMPELLED TO DISCLOSE EXPENSES: But, come to think of it, why do we still need an investigation on this issue? What should be done now is to simply require all candidates for any elective position in the 2016 elections, more particularly those aspiring for the presidency, to disclose truthfully how much they have already spent, and where the money came from. Anyone who does not make this disclosure should either be barred from running, or should not be voted upon at all.

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RA 1379 AND UNEXPLAINED WEALTH: So, okay, let us explain what the law meant by “unexplained wealth”. Republic Act 1379, the Philippine forfeiture law, says that any property or money that is manifestly out of proportion to his salary and to his other lawful income are to be considered unexplained wealth, and are to be treated as illegally acquired.

However, unexplained wealth shall not include any property or money, and the income arising therefrom, which an official acquired by virtue of inheritance, or as a gift before becoming a public official, or already pertaining to him before he became a government official, as well as the fruits and income of his or her spouse.

The law presumes that any money or property in excess of the official’s income or salary, and of his other lawful income as we explained here, are unexplained wealth, and hence are liable to be confiscated. I am quite sure that whatever our politicians are spending now on their advertisement and other political machinations could already be considered as unexplained wealth, over which they should be held answerable or liable.

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WHO ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD? This is now the third part of our exposition on Biblical verses that support the claim by members of the Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ) Church that, though they may be from a land that is from the east, and which is far off from where Christianity first started, they are nevertheless part of the promised people who will fulfill God’s work during the end time.

Let us read what Romans 9 is saying about this. In this part of the Bible, it is clearly mandated that it is not the children by physical descent who are to be called children of God, but those who were originally not God’s people, or those who were not originally loved by Him.

The Bible clearly says that those to be called “children of God” are those who found righteousness through their belief and faith in Jesus. But what must people believe in, and have faith on, Jesus so that they can be called “children of God”? It is that Jesus, by the pronouncements of the Bible itself, is God and Savior forever! Do you have this kind of belief in, and faith on, Jesus?

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