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Sunday, 31 January 2016 14:48

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles), a Philippine-born Fraternal Socio-Civic Organization, Western Chapter, in coordination with TRADOC, will hold a blood-letting activity this morning in the headquarters of Task Force Zamboanga at the Arturo Enrile Camp in Malagutay. The activity is led by incoming Eagle President Edmond Atilano. Being a member, and 3-year Eagle Regional Governor, now a 2-year Vice Governor to Kuya Pierre Macapil, this keyboardist will have to be there.

As this space remains present today, it only means that this piece was ground a day before.

But considering that it’s 4.30 pm at writing time, this piece just might really shrink today. A call from Cabinet Chairman Monggueh Gan may also signal a call for bringing down the curtains.

Hopefully, his call would come late today.

* * * *

Just came across this earlier TMT and it struck me as timely and intelligently opined.

“THERE is no reasonable explanation for President BS Aquino 3rd’s veto of the bill granting pensioners of the Social Security System (SSS) a much-needed increase of P2,000 a month. It was a cruel, heartless decision by a leader – we use that term here in the most cynical way possible – who is incapable of empathy, and has absolutely no conception of the day-to-day needs of ordinary citizens.

The HB 5842, it said would have increased the monthly pensions of SSS recipients now collecting only P1,200 per month to P3,200 per month, and recipients collecting P2,400 per month to P4,000 per month.

Quoting Aquino, in the editorial, decrying the benefit for favoring two million pensioners and their dependents at the expense of the other 31 million SSS members, and claiming the additional payouts would result in an annual deficit to the system of P16 billion to P26 billion - to this corner is a lame excuse.

To those two points, the editor asked: So what?, explaining that the purpose of SSS is to provide the retirement safety net – and only a partial one at that – to millions of workers who are not receiving a grant from the government upon their retirement, but are earning the proceeds of their own contributions to the fund.

In moral terms: “The original SSS funds came from the pensioners themselves. The government only added its counterpart fund to the pensioners’ contributions when they were still working. Therefore, this cruel president or any other President has no moral right to these funds!”

In conclusion, it averred, the President’s authority to control how much pensioners can receive must be strictly limited. The funds are not his to dispose of: As the people, through their representatives in Congress, wish for the increase of their pensions drawn from the funds they contributed, then the only concern of the Administration can be how best to accommodate that wish.

Very well said, Ed.

And come to think of it, as opt-stated here, the president is insulting the intelligence of the minds in both houses of government. All authors of the bill assert, they have closely studied their  handiwork, and swear, if the increase is granted, the SSS will remain stable.

Who then is the nincompoop?

The Abnoy, er, a skip of the typing fingers, abnormal?

* * * *

You won’t believe it, scrambling for stories to write from previously stored items, we chanced upon this seemingly odd thinking. Really weird.

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III labeled yesterday as “strange” the request of a Malacañang official for an advanced list of questions for the reopening of the Mamasapano “massacre” by the Senate Committee on Public Order.

And Pimentel deplored, this could only mean that Malacañang wants to keep some issues unanswered in the case of the police operation that resulted in the death of 44 Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on Jan. 25, 2015, he said.

The bizarre request for a list of questions the senators intend to ask at the hearing was made by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma.

No sense at all for that. The request could truly be said as coming with eccentricity along side.

Firstly, he said there is not much time for the committee chairman, independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe, to contact the 23 other senators or the members of the committee and ask them to submit advanced questions.

Secondly, there would be no way for a senator could ask a follow-up question or questions outside of the original contained in the advanced question or questions,” he pointed out.

Former Department of  the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, now an administration –backed presidential candidate appeared before the Poe committee last year and said he was not privy to the secret police operation to get two known wanted men at Mamasapano, an area under the influence of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. (With MB feeds)

* * * *

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach doesn’t believe Tim Bradley has metamorphosed, as his camp banters around, into a dangerous fighter, downplaying Bradley’s one-punch knockout of Brandon Rios as Manny Pacquiao gets ready to face Bradley for the third time on April 9.

Speaking of Bradley’s ninth-round demolition of Rios last year, Roach said he wasn’t at all impressed, pointing out that Rios, who went 12 rounds with Pacquiao in 2013 in Macau, was in bad shape.

Rios’ “baby fat” when he stepped into the ring against Bradley, was noticeable.

He likewise belied a claim that the entry of new trainer of Teddy Atlas to his camp is allegedly responsible for turning  Bradley into a beast.

Should Bradley end up making heads turn against Pacquiao in their third meeting, that would be the only time Roach will heap praises on Atlas.

“I’ll give Ted credit when he (Bradley) looks good (this time),” said Roach, who turns 56 on March 5.

Details of how training camp will be done will be known next week when Pacquiao arrives in the US for two press conferences scheduled on Jan. 19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel and at Madison Square Garden in New York on Jan. 21. (MB)

* * * *

Here is yet another not much publicized occurrence. During his appearance at the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, Vice President Jejomar Binay, who recently re-emerged as the top choice for president in this year’s elections, was booed by some attendees who were believed part of the Liberal Party contingent.

Joey Salgado, head of Binay’s Media Affairs Office contended that they received reports the catcalls came from the LP contingent.

Salgado added, they knew that the people who jeered Binay felt bad because Binay was leading even in the Visayas. (With MS stories)

* * * *

The P200-million damage suit filed by Vice President Jejomar Binay against several people including senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano, stands strong at the Makati Regional Trial Court, with the latter citing a valid cause of action against Binay’s detractors.

The Makati Regional Trial Court  has said it will proceed with its Omnibus Order clearly belies the contention of the defendants that VP Binay’s damage suit is merely a harassment case,” according to lawyer Claro Certeza, Binay’s lead counsel.

“The vice president welcomes the development as it proves that in the proper venue, where the rules of fair play are strictly observed, there can be a somber appraisal of the truth as to the charges hurled against VP Binay,” he added.

In a 40-page Omnibus Order issued by Judge Elpidio R. Calis last Jan. 5, the court denied several motions to dismiss the charges. The court also ruled that the grounds relied upon by the defendants to dismiss the case were improper.

“VP Binay can now prove what he is saying all along—that the inquisitorial proceedings conducted by his political detractors were all designed simply to destroy his presidential bid,” Certeza said. (TMT)

* * * *

Monggueh Cabinet beckons. Curtains up. 30. Till next time around, folks.