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Thursday, 04 February 2016 10:54



Los Angeles, CA. — Plastic. Ingrate. Traitor. Double-faced. She belongs to the party in power — Liberal Party. She is running for reelection and, naturally, formed her tickets in the two congressional districts being the accepted leader, not only of the local LP, but also the city. In so doing, the opposition has dubbed her as my opening sentence. Why?

We all know from whence she came, how she started her political vocation. She would not have made it big time had it not been for her father, Jolly, who convinced her to leave the nunnery and join the LDP then headed in Zamboanga by the all-gracious and benevolent Mrs. Maria Clara L. Lobregat. (Yes, Mannix Dalipe tagged along after his father, Manny, pushed him to the limit.) Since then, she has carried herself to the pinnacle of greatness — as a councilor, vice mayor and representative.

Many of her detractors have questioned her loyalty to the man who made her mayor. Did Ma. Isabelle Garcia Climaco-Salazar turn her back on Señor  Celso Lorenzo-Lobregat by arrogantly defying his wishes and, thereby,  blocking his return to City Hall? This merry-go-round started last year when a manifesto was allegedly crafted at the city barangay affairs office and signed daw by majority of the barrio captains expressing their support for the reelection bid of Mrs. Climaco-Salazar. This was followed by a blaming game as to who’s responsible for authorizing the unabated excavation of sand and gravel in Patalon. Then, the failed summit at the Carmelite Monastery mediated by the sister superior meant to reconcile the warring “kuya” and “little sister”. Prayers, unfortunately, didn’t help. But will, when the time comes. Add that to the telephone conversation between LP standard bearer Mar Roxas and Mr. Lobregat  wherein the former appealed to the latter to give way to Mrs. Climaco-Salazar as she had agreed to pull out Vice Mayor Sar Ituralde as her congressional candidate in the second district.

His pride would not let it go. Mr. Lobregat formed his own council slates and adopted Congresswoman Lilia Nuno as his representative in the second district and tapped Councilor Nonie Biel to be his party’s  vice mayoral candidate. Mr. Lobregat, however, has not declared who his mayoral candidate is. I have a strong feeling he won’t, unlike Mrs. Nuno who has declared publicly that she will support the candidacy of retired police General Mario Yanga.

Reading through Mike Apostol’s “Table Talk”, I am informed that Mr. Lobregat has accused some of his former allies as “plastic” in character. They have, as I learned, mobilized their forces and precinct captains to campaign for Monsi dela Cruz, the former padre’ who is trying to win (after two defeats) against his nemesis. Mr. Lobregat is right in his assertion because I have it first-hand that the full might of the ex-priest, combined with some undisclosed resources, will be unleashed when the official campaign period begins in late March. (I hope he doesn’t burn money this early to fuel his campaign.) Aha, do you think that Mr. Lobregat will take this threat sitting down without using his sharp elbows? A master politician can’t easily be defeated.

This foolish, stupid charade should not be happening if only Mr. Lobregat and Mrs. Climaco-Salazar swallowed their pride and come to terms about who should temporarily rule, considering that Zamboanga is in imminent danger of being taken over by off-shore moneyed politicos.

Thirty years ago, then City Administrator Rustico Varela, former city councilor and OIC-mayor, predicted an OMG that a moneyed politician from a distant province will one day become the mayor of Zamboanga. This will be a reality unless our leaders re-group, re-think our future and fort-in our city from political invasion.

At this point when we’re fighting to remain “independent” from the proposed Bangsamoro political entity with the leaders of this professed Muslim state trying so hard to take Zamboanga, even by force — Lobregat, Climaco-Salazar and Nuno and the entire civilian populace led by Erbie Fabian and Atty. Vic Solis, including Monsi and Dr. Junie Climaco, should COME TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY. Perhaps, the Carmelite sisters can sponsor another summit before the situation worsens. Who knows, the prayers they made last year will be heard this time. Just pray louder.

Mr. Lobregat and Mrs. Climaco-Salazar are not mortal political enemies. Their personal differences can be resolved BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Probably, they should start downing Vitamin B-12 to ease their metabolism, help form red blood cells and improve their central nervous system so they can think better. And, they should stay clear of the Zika Virus transmitted by the same mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) that transmits dengue and chikungunya so that their heads and brains won’t shrink.