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Friday, 05 February 2016 13:25


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

“What is your most unforgettable moment?”, I asked my son.

He then related the  time he escaped from class to go to Pasonanca.  He was with some bigger boys and older girls who smoked and drank beer, and laughed very loudly.

That assignation was meant to be a top secret among them, where each of those present swore to each other that they would not say a single word which would arouse  the suspicion of  prattlers and school authorities.

But because principals are not principals for nothing, the good man heard about the prohibited rendezvous,  that very early the next morning, the shocked offenders were escorted to the principal’s office straightaway!

They were ordered to bring their parents the following day, and the trembling boys wept bitter tears in the office.  The poor boys’ tears did not move the principal and the advisers, so instead, they dug their records and wasted no time calling the parents.

And this part of the story my friends, is what I cannot forget.

When a stern voice informed me over the phone that they needed me at the principal’s ASAP, my head ran wild!

Was my son ran over by a motorcycle? Did he box somebody, and if he did, how would I appease the irate father? Did he steal from someone?  Did he cheat, kiss a girl, caught vandalizing?

A thousand and one questions shot my very stressed brain, yetI was hoping that the principal was over reacting as to summon me posthaste in his office,  for my son’s  minor offence like getting a low score in math after a series of high scores.

Well, when I reached the office, my son and the his other tough looking companions were sobbing very hard with their eyes very red and their shoulders shaking with the intensity of their emotion. Especially when they saw our shocked expressions to hear that our nice boys whom we thought were in school, went taking a bath somewhere.

But the principal, stern as he may be had a soft heart within, that he gave them one last chance to behave.

This  incident happened  two years ago already,  but the lesson on being good even if no one is watching, does not stale with the passing of time as we may be sure that there is no secret that will not be revealed.