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Monday, 08 February 2016 13:32

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Kung Hei Fat Choi. Sound Snipings starts today’s piece with the Chinese New Year greetings to all in the Chinese community here. Of course, special mention is made to those in the Monggueh Cabinet, to name some, the Chairman Monggueh Gan, baptized by the cabinet as Ramon Khan, the conqueror in reference to Ghengis Khan; the Yeos — starting with the grand old General Quintin Yeo, Quirino and George — Tuat “Tauwa” Gan, Alex Wee, Santiago “James” Santiago, Cebu-based Alvin Yu, Benito Lim, Minsang Perez, Feliciano “Kimsu” Tan, Tony Lim, Mr. Vir Shia, the re-packed Michael Chiong, Dicky Go, Lando Herrera, Nonie Dondoyano and Mon Antarctica.

It’s the year of the fire monkey. And it just could be Kingkong’s year. Will he give problems to friend Cap Abeng Miranda, who is said to be fielding his wife for barangay captain, after serving for the three straight terms?

While some in the cabinet doubt, George positively thinks, he will.

Let’s keep watch.

* * * *

Writing time is close to 12 noon, so very likely our piece today would somehow be brief. Had to go to the residence of Eagle Regional Governor, Pierre Macapil, for the Eagles have landed.

I refer to the Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles), the first Philippine-born fraternal socio-civic organization.

On top of the short list is the incumbent National Club president of Davao, Louie Ceniza, who led a group of Eagles for a trip to Bongao Tawi Tawi to induct the town’s new set of officers and new members.

In his company were Past National President Ibs Undog of Jolo, Eagle Boyben Teo of Tawi Tawi, Eagle Jimmy Gellor, Eagle Gilbert Casho; the latter two also from Davao, and Zamboanga City Central Eagles Club President, Ishmael Maing.

It so happened, we were told, the group was on the same flight with Bongao Mayor Jasper Que. In motoring to town, there were some two cars behind the vehicle where the Mayor was riding. All of a sudden misfortune struck as they heard gunfire, and from a distance, saw a motorcycle with a back-rider speeding away.

The mayor, they later learned, was reported to have been shot.

We tried checking on his condition thru his cousin, an Eagle member, but accordingly, at writing time, no information has yet reached them.

We are still trying other sources, though we are sure DZT reporters will have the full details by printing time.

* * * *

The latest survey released by Pulse Asia saw the resurgence of Sen. Grace Poe as the preferred presidential candidate, with VP Jojo Binay sliding back to second.

Firstly, political pundits attribute this to the certainty that as the printing of ballots starts Monday, the 8th, paired by the Supreme Court’s (SC) delayed decision on Poe’s disqualification cases, her name will be included in the list of candidates.

Second, they append it to the very recent release of a senate committee report that in effect says Binay is guilty of the corruption charges against him.

You will recall, Binay had foreseen that move as he explicitly described the corruption charges as politically motivated and that the senate report was timed to coincide days before the announced survey period.

If those developments really did affect Poe’s and Binay’s ratings remains a guessing game, though it appears credible.

What is good of the ratings is for Mar Roxas. As it turned out, he is now in a statistical tie with Binay and Digong Duterte. Meaning, his stock has improved, so those talks about the LP dropping him in favor of Poe due to poor ratings could be foregone.

One the vice presidential race, Sen. Bongbong Marcos continues to trail Sen. Chiz Escudero. Anybody’s guess still at this stage. Probably, Escudero’s chances remain high because he is linked to the popularity of his standard bearer, Poe.

But this corner is of the humble opinion that Marcos will still inch up some more pretty soon and will readily make it to the vice presidency.

This was what we wrote yesterday, “Sen. and vice presidential leading candidate, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos does know his onions. Very clearly, he is practically in on all pertinent issues, ranging from the BBL to the SSS, Typhoon Yolanda, etc.

In all those matters, his intelligence is so punctuated.”

One of the issues he had also shown intellectuality is on the South China Sea dispute. On this, he said, greater moves on diplomacy had better be undertaken.

It may be true that taking the matter directly to and international court, may not give solutions to the problem, for China does not even attend any of its scheduled hearings. Consistently China had snubbed all its the proceedings.

Recall, too, China had since been harping on direct bilateral talks on the issue, and the Philippine government has not lent an ear to that invitation.

This corner remembers reading once what Marcos disclosed on that issue. In effect, he said, we are a small nation, we cannot afford fighting a giant face to face; thus, the need for diplomacy. When everything else fails, that will be the time to take such other steps.

Banking on big brother America could be one.

* * * *

Comelec has clarified that career service officials and employees are the only ones barred from campaigning for their chosen bets.

But as Comelec Chair Andres Bautista had specifically spoke only of presidential appointees, such Abigail Valte, who UNA officials demanded to resign for playing politics, we have to yet dig deeper in to the matter some other time, to see if casuals, contractual and charged-to-projects employees are also exempted from the prohibition.

You will know later.

Curtains up. Time is running out. Till next time around Kung Hei Fat Choi to one and all.