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Monday, 08 February 2016 13:34



Los Angeles, CA. — February 9, the day that the official campaign for national positions begins, will be the day that PROMISES AND LIES will be scattered in the air by the more than 170 senatorial candidates and the five presidential hopefuls and hopefully-nots and their number twos. Happy days are here again. Welcome the FIRE MONKEYS.

Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas said loyalties must be clear at this point since there are so many independent candidates that have been adopted by political parties that don’t have a complete senatorial slate. Much-maligned Vice President Jojo Binay and Sen. Grace Poe said that they’re not preventing common candidates from campaigning under rival tickets. What? I think their loyalties should be made public. For example, Sen. Ralph Recto is running with Roxas but is also included in the senatorial slate of Ms. Poe.

Poe and Binay share the same candidates in Sen. Vic Sotto III, Susan Ople, Dick Gordon and Mike Zibiri. Sotto has said that he will support Ms. Poe but not her VP bet Chiz Escudero. He will support his good friend in the senate Gringo Honasan.

In Zamboanga, the situation is oddly different for silly reasons. The quarreling political clans who were once compact allies in public and private lives, have put up their own city council slates. Susmariajosep. Because he felt betrayed by a woman he has dubbed as “plastic”, the very same lady he handed City Hall to on a gold platter, Señor Celso Lorenzo-Lobregat summoned 18 valiant soldiers to run under his ADELANTE Zamboanga Party and the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP), a mothballed political party, to go to battle against 17 promising men of Mayor Ma. Isabel Climaco-Salazar’s Liberal Party. With Mr. Lobregat is his vice mayoral candidate Nonie Biel and congressional reelectionist Mrs. Lilia Nuno. It is not clear whether or not Mayor Climaco-Salazar has adopted Mannix Dalipe as her congressional candidate in the second district. The same is true with Mr. Lobregat who has yet to announce his candidate for mayor.

Last October, I wrote that this “sentimiento de gato” y “peleya de bata” are going to ruin the once ironclad political unity in Zamboanga. The 32 candidates for the city council will cross swords like gladiators to the delight of the roaring crowd. The Fallen 16 will bow in complete embarrassment and the Victorious 16 will raise the cups of wine like King Arthur’s knights.


Eventually, we will be invaded by outside forces intending to trample our soil, erase our birthright, and stain our colorful history and unique culture. Mr. Lobregat and Mayor Climaco-Salazar should bury the hatchet for our neighbors, armed with gold and guns, are poised to take our city and the rest of Mindanao because of the failed passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. While our gallant armed forces are fighting the terrorists in two fronts against the Abu Sayyaf and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, our internal defense soldiers are trying to prevent the intrusion of Moro National Liberation Front fighters into our city.

We all yearn for peace. That is everybody’s hope and aspiration. When the political campaign officially kicks off, the candidates will take turns on the political stage to lie about their promises. They won’t be able to solve the LAW AND ORDER crisis in Mindanao — not even if we have four marine battalions, two army divisions and half of the Police Special Action Force guarding Mindanao’s shores against armed marauders.

In Zamboanga, do we not have the Western Mindanao Command, the police regional command with several police stations and other law enforcement agencies? Inspite of these armed forces and police installations we got blasted by a handful of MNLF rebels in 2013. We eventually won, but we paid a high price for it.

What were Tita Caling’s unifying words to everybody who loves Zamboanga? MAN HUNTO HUNTO QUITA PARA EL BIEN DEL PUEBLO.


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