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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 11:46




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The Lord abhors a person who lies, but those who deal truthfully are his delight…The one who tells the truth will endure forever, but the one who lies will last only for a moment…” (Proverbs 12: 19, 22, the Holy Bible).

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2016 VOTING MACHINES: 2010 AND 2013 COPYCATS? Did you know that, similar to what happened in the 2010 and 2013 elections, the electoral exercise Filipinos will hold in May 2016 will once again use machines which will deprive voters of their right to have a receipt showing who they voted for?

As officials of the Commission on Elections have been admitting publicly, the computers which will be used in the 2016 elections will also not contain the safety feature ordinarily known as a “transaction receipt” in computerized banking transactions, which would serve as an undeniable and incontestable proof of who they voted for.

In 2010 and 2013, candidates protesting the election results attested by the Comelec were largely unsuccessful in proving the real outcome of the voting since they did not have any documentary proof about how the electorate actually voted, precisely because voters were not issued any receipt showing how they voted. Consequently, every Filipino was forced to swallow, hook, line, and sinker, the results announced by the Comelec in those two elections, which, as experts now confess, were largely fraudulent.

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POLL OFFICIALS PREVENTING 2016 VOTERS FROM GETTING PROOF OF HOW THEY VOTED: Of course, Comelec officials are now justifying their decision to once again remove this safety feature of the machines to be used in the May 2016 elections by saying that they are simply trying to prevent voters from using the “transaction receipts” in selling their votes to highest bidders.

The theory of these officials is that, if voters are given the “transaction receipts” after they have voted, and these “receipts” contain the names of those whom they voted for, the voters could then easily show the document to the candidates who may have paid them to vote for a particular candidate.

Ergo, to prevent this electoral scam and possible massive vote buying, the safety feature required by law, which is the issuance of a receipt showing how the electorate voted, would have to be removed.  With due respect, however, this is like putting the whole house on fire in an attempt to kill one rodent.

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WHY IS NO ONE CONTESTING COMELEC’S REMOVAL OF SAFETY FEATURE? The fact is, all of us now know that it is so easy to manipulate the results of an election through computer fraud. Basically, this is a case of garbage in, garbage out, which means that whatever is programmed into the computer is what it will also come up with. If a computer is programmed to give a candidate so much number of votes, that is what the computer will release as a result.

The only way this electoral fraud can be stopped is to provide the voting populace with a concrete evidence of how they voted, like the transaction receipt which will come out of the computers where they inserted their ballots. This is the reason why the automated election law requires, as a safety measure, the issuance of the transaction receipt.

Without the transaction receipt given to a voter to show how he voted, it would be next to impossible to contest the results that will be announced by the Comelec. Whatever the Comelec will say, we will once again be forced accept it, just what happened in 2010 and 2013. Therefore, this move of the Comelec has to be stopped, but, pray tell me, why is there no one raising even a whimper against it?

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