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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 14:23

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

To hasten the implementation of the coal-fired power plant in this city, a provision must be inserted in the two-year old Power Supply Agreement (PSA) with San Ramon Power Corporation (SRPI) requiring  the power company to start its construction at the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone in San Ramon.

So meant, Zamboangueño lawyer Vic R. Solis, in urging the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO) to immediately re-negotiate its PSA with SRPI.

Solis said the re-negotiation must be centered on binding SRPI to start the construction of the power plant within an effectively reasonable period from the signing of the Investment Management Contract (IMC) by ZAMCELCO and commence the supply and delivery of power to ZAMCELCO within thirty-six months thereafter.

Expectedly, ZAMCELCO will soon bid out and sign an Investment and Management Contract (IMC) which would in point of fact transfer the day-to-day management of the power cooperative to a private company.

Solis stressed that the noticed uncertainty in starting the construction of the SRPI power facility in San Ramon must be put to an end. And he said, this can only be achieved with the re-negotiation of the existing PSA, which has been inexistence since 8 March 2013.

The agreement calls for SRPI to supply ZAMCELCO 85 megawatts of electricity based on a 3-year construction and completion period of the power plant.

By next month then the 3-year target period comes to fore, but the facility is far from done. (DZT-sourced)

* * * *

What does the MNLF want to depict? Outright defiance to government?

And by that, just how does government act on it?

Read on. It has been reported that “In yet another show of force, some 2,000 members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) joined a leadership assembly in Indanan, Sulu, in southern Mindanao presided by its elusive chairman Nur Misuari on Sunday.”

And it is clearly evident, our armed forces are abreast with every MNLF movement, as its ground commander has spilled out several details of the MNLF gathering.

Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado, commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Task Group Sulu, reported that the whole-day assembly was held at the residence of Misuari in Camp Astana Sitio Bakud, Barangay Kagay in Indanan.

They know it was attended by representatives of state chairmen of different state revolutionary committees of the MNLF over Mindanao, unit commanders of the MNLF-Bangsamoro Armed Forces (MNLF-BAF), members of the parliament of the MNLF central committee, district commanders of peace zones and religious leaders (Ulama).

They also know that the agenda of the meeting was “focused on results of a tripartite review conducted at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for their continuous claim for implementation of the 1996 final peace agreement and the MNLF’s struggle for their own version of Bangsamoro independence in Mindanao.”

Known, too, as among the highlights of the meeting was the declaration of the newly-designated vice chairman of the MNLF central committee in the person of the eldest son of the founding chairman, Hadji Uto Karim Misuari, in his late 30s.

One good thing noted of the meeting is that, according to Arrojado, “there was no mention of any future hostile actions from the MNLF leadership particularly on another Zamboanga siege”

Noticeable, too, is that the MNLF is celebrating the non-passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which is favorable to the MNLF as it supposedly opens the door to implementation of the 1996 final peace agreement.

These developments, folks, simply give insights of the MNLF’s invulnerability, and the seeming imperviousness of its chairman, as well as possible government inaction or neglect, if one really views the situation.

The MNLF converges in double thousands at will, with Misuari appearing to freely move around, when a standing warrant for his arrest exists.

Likewise clear is, the situation indeed is complicated. On massing up for a gathering, this corner sees two points.

First, apparently learning of it after the meeting, government’s intelligence efforts must be strengthened.

Second, even if they learned of it earlier, it  could also be probable that government cannot touch the MNLF, owing to the peace pact it penned with government hears back, which was,  however, violated when a big chunk of the separatists attacked Zamboanga City. We then have to give that to our forces. Absuelto (Absolved).

The Misuari immunity, however, is a puzzle.

Can’t see any justification for his evident boundless movements. Inexplicable.

In chabacano, the say, “Let us to see.”

* * * *

Could this be another evil plot for postponement or outright no-elections (No-El)?

“The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has, for the third time, postponed the printing of ballots for the May 2016 elections by another week because of admitted incompatibility problems in the two computer programs supplied by election provider Smartmatic Corp., announced Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista on Monday.

He, however, gave assurances that the delay in printing will have no material impact on the schedule of the elections.

Ows, really? Pagsure (Make sure).

“We wanted to ensure that the source code is in accordance with international best practices and no malicious stuff included therein,” Bautista added.

Malicious stuff. Will they ever admit?

Bautista said the delay in printing will give them time to redesign the ballot or make it shorter.

Another give-away flaw of the confess deficiency, or so its seems - “Redesign the ballot or make it shorter.”

the thousands of minds in Comelec, and  after all these years behind us, the ballot design is sill imperfect?

Something smells. Say you?

It was allegedly discovered that the code for the Election Management System (EMS) was incompatible with the Consolidated Canvassing System (CCS).

Senior Comelec Commissioner Christian Lim explained, the EMS designs the configuration for the vote counting machines, like precinct number and the number of voters per precinct, among others.

Lim added if the EMS is not compatible with the CCS, there will be transmission problems during the elections because the latter will not be able to recognize what is being sent by the EMS.

See? Such very sensitive part of the election process, yet Comelec tells us, Smartmatic Corp., a multi-billion dollar-enterprise, having bagged a  multi-million peso-negotiated contract with Comelec, supplying government with defective sensitive devices?

Lame. Something does really smell.

* * * *

Meanwhile, Wilson Fortaleza, the Partido Manggagawa (PM) spokesman, told The Manila Times, on Monday said the delay in the printing of ballots shows that The Commission on  Elections (Comelec) is not prepared for the May 9 political exercise.

Rightfully he said, “It looks like the Comelec is ill-prepared to handle some important aspects of the elections, including finalization of the list of candidates and the timely printing of ballots”.Or is it part of the plot cited above?

The group expressed fears that the printing delay would pave the way for a move or design that could lead to the victory of Liberal Party (LP) candidates headed by Manuel “Mar” Roxas II.

Worse, he expressed fears that this glitch in preparations is part of a rowdy plan of the Aquino Administration.” He must have meant, “another evil plot for postponement or outright no-elections (No-El). (With TMT quotes)

* * * *

It was Pres. BS Aquino’s birthday yesterday, and a sister publicly wished only two things for him - a wife and a car.

Wife, I join in the wish.

Car? That’s superfluous. And even a smokescreen to luxurious life.

It is bruited widely, Pnoy owns one of the most expensive cars in the country. And this actually became a hot item on the papers.

And in recent months, he prided in driving his sports car, which brand skips this corner’s memory at the moment. In any case, it was  as an aristocratic posh car.

The sister’s wish could only be for yet another one.

Or to make us believe, Pnoy has none.

Who does? Do you.

* * * *

Now, this one is carries an impact. With a supposed changeable mind, presidential candidate and ex-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte should not be trusted at all. He is likely to change his stand on any issue in just one day, the leftist farmers’ organization Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) warned on Monday after Duterte immediately changed his position on land reform.

According to Antonio Flores, KMP secretary-general, Duterte, (actually, heading the PDP-Laban party) in the 2016 elections, during a forum entitled “Peasant Challenge 2016 and Beyond” held at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City vowed to carry out genuine land reform purportedly to uplift the lives of poor farmers, peasants and farm workers.

Duterte even severely criticized total failure of the government agrarian reform centrepiece, the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

Duterte’s strong position received wide applause from activists and farmers who were present at the forum.

But in less than 12 hours, the mayor vowed at a forum with big businessmen in Makati City (Metro Manila) the following day that he was very much open to the idea that foreigners should be allowed to lease lands in the Philippines up to 90 years, Flores divulged.

And KMP Chairman Rafael Mariano described Duterte’s plan as “worse” than the existing law that allows foreigners to lease lands for 50 years, renewable for additional 25 years, for a total of only 75 years, effectively giving foreigners lifetime ownership of land in the country. (With TMT feeds)