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Friday, 12 February 2016 13:20


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

And bearing in mind Valentine’s Day, I decided to treat you all to some extra ordinary wedding stories. Here goes:

My sister thought that there were just too much men in Barong Tagalog at the door of the church on one wedding day.

But of course, they were part of the entourage waiting for the cue from the coordinator, for their turn  to march inside.  But in her subconscious mind, there were still  just a little too much of  them.

The wedding went on smoothly, with my sister forgetting about the disproportion of the male specie in BarongTagalog. After the wedding there was the usual picture taking, the congratulations and the recessional.

When the entourage reached the door of the church, the extra men in barong, the burly ones, approached one of the ninongs and handcuffed him and brought him to the police car then to the police station.

It was learned later, that, that particular ninong was a wanted man, wanted for the murder and rape of  a minor in their place in the province.

Here’s another one:

Most, if not all ladies could not wait for the day of her wedding.  I mean, after planning and preparing everything, and all she’d got to do is just to wait, the days would seem to drag very, very slowly.

But I know of someone who postponed her wedding, I think around ten times, for the simple reason of having no time to go to the judge.

She had all the papers ready, and the only thing lacking was the signature of the judge, but she had no time.

The man she was marrying was one of those nice phlegmatics, and anyone one would be excited to marry the guy.

Every time we would meet, I would asked her if she already went to the judge and she would reply, that she did not have time, because she worked on her assignments, or she accompanied her mother to the dentist or had too many things to do that day she was about to go to the judge.

She said her boyfriend was a patient man and she trusted that he would always be understanding to her.

Until finally, after two months of postponing, they finally  got married, and treated her close friends to eat halo-halo and hamburger.

What happened to her now, I’m sure you’d want to know. She separated with him because she said she is not the marrying kind..

To all of you,  Happy Valentine’s Day and  don’t let my stories  discourage you from marrying, after all,  it’s just two stories, and the world is full of  happy endings.

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