Infusing the spirit into our psyche PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 February 2016 14:00



By spirit, we can refer to the Spirit of God who is the source of all good things—life itself, truth, beauty, justice, etc. By psyche, we can understand it as the integration of our spiritual and bodily faculties—our thoughts and desires, feelings, passions, temperament, etc.

We have to acknowledge the relationship between the two, with the Spirit of God always taking the initiative, since it is the creative principle of our life. But our psyche has to correspond to it as fully as possible.

In a manner of speaking, the Spirit of God is the active agent in this relationship, while our psyche is the passive object that also has to make itself active in corresponding to the Spirit of God.

That, more or less, is how the cookie crumbles insofar as how our life is supposed to be. It is a life of dynamic relation