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Saturday, 20 February 2016 13:16



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain…” (Exodus 18:21, the Holy Bible).

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ROXAS, ROBREDO, MUST EXPLAIN SOURCE OF FUNDS: Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas and LP vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo must hurry to clearly answer accusations that they have already greatly exceeded the campaign expenses allowed them by election laws, and that as a consequence they could—and, perhaps, should—now be disqualified from running.

I mean, the charges are simply damning: shortly before the February 09, 2016 start of the campaign for candidates running for national positions, Mar Roxas already incurred some P774 million in radio-TV advertisements which, though spent prior to the official campaign period, were nevertheless meant to campaign for votes in his favor.

Then, by the admission made by LP spokesmen, it would appear that Roxas and Robredo have already incurred an estimated P8 billion or so as rentals for the airplanes they are using now in their campaign sorties. If candidates for president and vice president are entitled, pursuant to law, to spend only P800 million each for their campaign, the LP top poll bets have already exceeded this spending limit by as much as P7 billion.

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WHO IS GIVING THE CANDIDATES SO MUCH MONEY? Explaining how much they have actually spent so far for their campaigns is, in reality, just the tip of the iceberg for Roxas and Robredo. The bigger problem for them here, if reports are to be believed, is how to explain where they got all the money that now forms part of their available campaign expenditures.

Surely, all these money have not been given to them simply out of charity, were they? Somehow, somewhere, there was a consideration for the generosity of whoever gave them the money, was there not? Now, how did this “consideration” for the giving of the money to the campaign of Roxas and Robredo come about?

Did it come about because of past transactions? Or, is it because of transactions envisioned to take place in the future yet, when they shall have already won? Whatever, there is a need for Roxas and Robredo to clarify these issues right away, lest they make a mockery of their claim to “righteous governance”.

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WHAT IS GIVER’S MOTIVATION? For sure, the money in question could not be considered as Roxas’ (or Robredo’s) own money. An Internet article makes it clear that Roxas had a net worth of only around P200 million in 2014. Assuming that all of this amount of P200 million was in cash, this would still pale in comparison with the expenses that appear to have been incurred so far by him.

So, who is giving Roxas his campaign money? What are the motivations of this giver? And, what did Roxas promise to give back in return to the source of all his campaign money? The Filipino people ought to know, because, undeniably, whatever Roxas is doing now in his campaign will affect how he will discharge his presidency if and when he wins.

Indeed, it would not be sufficient for Roxas’ subordinates and supporters to simply say that other presidential candidates are also spending the same huge amount of money for their own campaigns and that these other aspirants also have their own contributors. The people are interested in Roxas because, lagging as he is in many surveys, he is actually the one with the biggest chance of becoming president.

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