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Monday, 22 February 2016 13:35

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

LAZT editor-publisher John Shinn was a long-time writer of the then Eddie Burgos-run controversial national daily, and similarly as correspondent of other newspapers, prior to migration to the States. It is then not surprising to note that he still has highly reliable sources on the national level.

There are matters unknown to us here that he is able to scoop from somewhere. First, he had written that there is a certain person surnamed Roque, who was also into the Napoles-mastered craft in handling the PDAP and DAP, which was supposedly a brainchild of Budget Sec. Butch Abad.

Only, he said, the Roque handiwork is still a well-kept secret as there has not yet been a Benhur Lim for a whistle-blower.

In fact, he had said, the name of then Cong. and now Mayor Beng was an alleged role-player kin the Roque fold.

Loose talks hereabout say, but with no direct finger-pointing, urban barangays in this city were recipients of ghost farm equipment as such as tractors, engine-run rice and corn filed plows and water pumps.

Holy smoke! Such kinds of equipment in urban barangays. And imaginary, at that!

In one barangay, of which this corner has direct knowledge of, but will not expound lengthily on - at least just yet, unless good reasons prop up - one barangay that is largely residential and partly commercial and industrial in character was recorded to have been planted to tangan tangan trees for use in the production of bio-duel.

Never heard anywhere. But that is on record.

Back now to Boboy, John Shinn that is, as he again exposed another untold buzz here.

Here goes a copy-pasted post - “Then Zamboanga City District 1 Congresswoman BENG CLIMACO-SALAZAR may have (the word “may” expounded here is a clear undertone for “purportedly and allegedly”) used the P4-MILLION (US$88,000)——supposedly allocated to the NATIONAL COMMISSION ON MUSLIM FILIPINOS (NCMF) on October 1, 2012 from her PDAF/PORK BARREL——to fund her trip to the Vatican to attend the Oct. 21, 2012 canonization of Filipino PEDRO CALUNGSOD by then Pope Benedict XVI.

According to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) the P4-M (US$88,000) intended for NCMF was released on October 1, 2012. A week later or sometime during the first week of October of 2012, Congresswoman Beng Climaco, accompanied by all her staff, some relatives and a few classmates and hangers-on were photographed in Spain and France before the group proceeded to the Vatican to attend the Oct. 21, 2012 canonization of Filipino PEDRO CALUNGSOD.

It was also on this trip that Beng (ostensibly) allegedly threw a birthday party for hubby Gen. Trifonio Salazar in Rome which was attended by close friends and relatives, including two of Beng’s college classmates.

NCMF Director MEHOL K. SADAIN said his office never received any pork barrel money from then Congresswoman BENG CLIMACO-SALAZAR.

View the pictures and captions and we’ll let you decide...... (Pictures of the entourage on junket were plastered on his LAZT pages. Should anyone be interested or curious, just log on to LA Zamboanga Times and view them for yourselves.)

It really pays to have been a man about town. He gets to pile up snoopy sources for informant. That’s Boboy for you.

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