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Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:57

Unusual supporters


It is said that one would only come to know one’s real and true friends in times of troubles. Real friends are very hard to find. They stick with you through thick and thin. They are gold. Fair-weathered friends are a-plenty and they are only there for you because of selfish needs and personal reasons. But when the going’s rough, they’re nowhere to be found.

Now being tarred, feathered, and grilled to the bone by the LGBT denizens and pro-LGBT bigots, Manny Pacquiao must be asking himself, where are the expressions of support from my close friends and supporters, especially those beneficiaries of his philantrophic gestures here and abroad? Finding him in the middle of the storm for his “worse than animal” comment on same sex marriage, I find it very sickening not to hear expressions of support from them. Instead, people who are not close to him have come out to defend his controversial comment.

Catholic Bishops Bacani and Cruz came out and publicly defended Pacquiao but where are the comments of support from his “born again” pastors where he belongs? Where are the “born again” pastors and friends whom he tagged to join him to Las Vegas and were lavishly dined, wined, and billeted in the luxurious Mandalay Bay, MGM, and Four Seasons Hotel en gratis?

Lately, Pacquiao was dropped like a hot potato by Nike calling his comment as “abhorrent” in the light of the brand’s known support for the gay community. Even his boxing promoter, Bob Arum, who made millions and millions in promoting his fights abroad surprisingly denounced his gay comment as “reprehensible”. This is really pathetic.

There is no doubt that up to the present, Pacquiao has millions of fans and supporters who are willing to support the moves he’ll take to protect his name, honor, and integrity as a person who gave so much  honor and glory to our country. Given the fanaticism of his fans and supporters, they should also start their online petition to boycott Nike for dropping their idol so that this giant sportswear company will also be at the receiving end of a boycott movement from Pacquiao’s rabid fans and supporters. They can shift to Under Armour that now has two great endorsers: basketball’s Stephen Curry and golf’s Jordan Spieth.

Now reports coming in from California the other day stated that despite the disparaging comments made by Pacquiao, comparing them to animals, thousands of gay men and women in San Francisco, California are coming to his defense. Notwithstanding his opposition to “same sex” marriage, this LGBT group is preparing to honor him in the coming Pride Parade and Celebration in June this year.

It’s time to stop this kind of bigotry shamelessly exhibited by persons who has no tolerance for the belief and opinion of others by forcing their belief on.

I’m not campaigning for Pacquiao for a Senate seat but I’ll defend his right to publicly express his personal opinion against same sex marriage which is contrary to the teachings in the Bible and to the moral and ethical standards of a decent and civilized society.