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Saturday, 27 February 2016 13:27

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Surfing the net for newsworthy items and commentaries, normally precedes actual writing  of Sound Snipings, (SS). So, you will note that here on SS, our sources, most especially commentaries, are normally identified. That is being done, to make sure that no one would have grounds to suspect this corner is in to plagiarism.

No, never. Definitely not.

Lifted comments/statements appearing here all come with quotation marks. That is to make sure, SS does not lay claim on the opinions herein reprinted.

Unquoted comments, however, are entirely Sniper’s own.

But today, some sources in this piece may not all be properly identified .

You see, surfing chore is done in an internet shop, ‘cause at where SS grinds, our net is re-directed — the common term these days for disconnected.

Today, when surfing time was nearing end, with newsworthy items already copy-pasted and ready for storing in a USB - woe to me, pfft..!  - electricity went off. All recorded items lost. And it was writing time, and have to transfer to workplace.

Time was up. Nothing else to do, but write from memory. Here goes.

* * * *

Today, at writing time, 26th of February is Dia de Zamboanga (Day for dia, but meant as founding anniversary of Zamboanga.  One such group raring to join the afternoon commemorative parade on city streets is the Unified Guardians Federation of Zamboanga City (UGF).

Merged in to the UGF are Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. ((GBI), Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (PGBI),  Guardians Republican International, Inc. (GRII), RAM Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (RAMGBI), Global United Guardians Brotherhood, Inc.(GUGBII) and Guardians World Brotherhood, Inc. (GWBI)

Recently elected president is Founder Rudy, with Ret. Police Col. Haddo Edding as adviser.

The latter is now running for councilor in Dist. 1., and incidentally, it is noted that Edding is one candidate that now double times on the campaign trail.

In a chance meeting at the golf beach when this corner was on his  brisk walking routine, we had a brief chat over a few bottles of beer. He said, he had learned his lesson in the last polls, saying he did so very little legwork. So, this time around, he is working double.

I know of two who failed in their first attempt, but made it big on the second try. They are Mel Sadain and Charlie Mariano.

Could Edding be on track as the cited duo?

At the golf beach that day was mayoralty aspirant Ret. Gen. Mario Yanga. He was meeting with sectoral leaders of Calarian. One busy man, too, it is noticed.

And not to be outdone is my very own Jaime “Boday” Cabato, two-termer barangay captain, with one term experience as barangay councilor.

Gunning for a seat in the city council, he is likewise, not leaving any stone unturned. You will recall, we had written here that for filial reasons, SS may not see print some days as the Sniper will have to join up with son Boday in his rounds of some areas.

But, no. SS never missed grinding. Boday would not take me with him yet. “Yo lang, Pang, he had said. Kaya ya di tu anak.” (Let me do it, Pops. Your son can do it. Capable)

Am proud of him. Go go go. Boday, Servicio everyday..!

* * * *

Earlier on, Malacañang had offered, it will not use the EDSA Revolution for political vengeance.

SS expressed doubt right after.

No political vengeance? Read on -

Pres. BS Aquino hit the Marcos family from head to foot.

In his speech, he vented his anger on Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for blocking his brokered Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Aquino minced no word in asking people to stop the return of Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos, now running for vice president on May 9, is in virtual tie with Chiz Escudero in the no. 1 slot on surveys.

While Aquino hates Marcos for the downfall of the unmistakably flawed BBL, majority olf Mindnaoans love him even more now for that.

And Marcos, in dealing with the BBL was very fair. He did not entirely dump the bill. He was liberal. Marcos came up with substitute bill that ironed out the kinks in the Aquino-backed BBL.

His rational bill is the Basic Bangsamoro Law on Autonomous Region ((BLBAR)

Marcos showed impartiality. A statesman.


As the Aquino camp was lambasting the Marcos family, particularly Bongbong, the latter displayed statesmanship in the highest form.

He urged President Benigno Aquino 3rd and the rest, who he said, could not go forward after 30 years of the Edsa people power revolution to join him in uniting Filipinos.

Seen as sound snipings of his own, Marcos stated, 30 years after EDSA, the ever increasing poverty plagues most of the people. Criminality and illegal drugs haunt the country.

Marcos did not stop there, he spoke of the absence of basic services, unemployment, etc, etc.

* * * *

While snidely referable to LP presidential bet Mar Roxas, Mayor Beng  Climaco’s call for people not to vote for pro-Misuari candidates, was after all targeted at  rival Rodrigo Duterte.

This comes as Duterte spokesman Peter Laviña stressed that a Duterte presidency will not give Western Mindanao to Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

He expressed sorrow that Climaco has the wrong impression of federalism. Misinformed of a mayor, he said. Laviña explained that Federalism is in effect decentralization of power from the national level to the region.

And that Duterte advocates federalism to address, too the Mindanao question where various Muslim tribes seek greater self-rule.

And he clarified, Zamboanga City is not included in any proposed federal states for Muslims in the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi.

He expressed disbelief as to how the mayor entertained the wrong perception. Laviña described the notion as a cheap propaganda against Duterte, that drives a wedge among the people, adding that leaders should instead promote harmony among townsfolk coming from different ethnic groups and religious beliefs.

* * * *

District 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat links politics in the move ousting Indigenous People’s representative in the city council Ismael Musa,

Lobregat said there are notable discrepancies in the paper trail of both the city mayor and vice-mayor, which led to the booting out of Musa..

He charged Climaco and Ituralde for bullying Councilor Musa. And they abused their power, he accused, as they have no authority to remove Musa.

That authority is vested solely on the National Council Indigenous People (NCIP) or the court. Never on the Mayor, neither on the Vice-Mayor, Lobregat rued