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Sunday, 28 February 2016 15:00



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God…” (1 John 4:7, the Holy Bible).

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RP SUFFERED MORE UNDER THE AQUINOS THAN UNDER MARCOS: It’s simply nauseating, this insistence of President Aquino and his cohorts to keep on harping on the alleged excesses of former President Marcos and his family and cronies during his 20-year reign.

Sure, we have to hold the Marcos government liable for its wrongdoings, particularly under martial law that maybe proved legitimately in a court proceeding but, shouldn’t we also be looking as furiously into the excesses, incompetence, and the abuses of the Aquinos and their favored relatives and allies in the 12 years that they ruled this country?

The way the present President Aquino had been demonizing Marcos and his supposed cronies give the impression that the Aquinos are as clean as saints and are the best presidents or rulers our country ever had. I guess he is entitled to his opinion of who they are, but the entire Filipino nation already know that, more than anybody else, the Aquinos have really done more damage to the country than anyone of those being accused by them.

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THE TRUTH ON AQUINOS’ ANGER VS. MARCOSES: And this is where the problem of the two Aquino presidencies lies—because they were and are so angry about what they thought and even now think President Marcos did to them, they have squandered the opportunities that have been given to them in leading this nation through senseless machinations that were aimed to exact vengeance against Marcos.

Cory Aquino refused to proceed with many Marcos projects, including the full operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which could have pushed this country towards a meaningful and beneficial change for every Filipino. On the other hand, Noynoy simply imitated what his mother had done and continued the legacy of hate that completed the division and dissension in this country.

Why were the Aquinos so angry with the Marcoses? The reason is money, of course. The Aquinos believe that Marcos used his presidency and martial law to deprive the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos of their businesses, causing economic hardship on many of them. Acting on this belief, the Aquinos did exactly the same thing against the Marcoses when EDSA 1986 installed them in power.

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RP CONTINUES TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF AQUINOS’ VENDETTA: So, clearly, it is a legacy of vindictiveness and revenge and political and economic vendetta that the Aquinos have been waging against the Marcoses and their allies all along. There is no mistaking the focus of the Aquinos once they themselves got political power—destroy the Marcoses, politically and economically.

This is the reason why no real progress ever came to the Philippines when the Aquinos became presidents. This is why Filipinos experienced, and continue to experience, greater sufferings and hardship in the hands of Cory and Noynoy. Instead of pursuing the development of the Philippines as an economic tiger, they wasted their time waging their personal and family war on the Marcoses.

Are we to put up with this family feud for a longer time? It is time Filipinos come to their senses. We should no longer allow any family wars to derail our march to true development and inclusive growth and success. Filipinos have suffered too much already just because our politicians are fighting for power against one another. Let us put the politicians aside, and show them that it is us, the people, who are in control of our country.

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