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Sunday, 28 February 2016 15:11

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Grinding time for this piece now is 4:30 pm and this will be for tomorrow. Have to write a few lines in advance for today as is the baptismal rites for the new Cabato entrant. He will be named Marxander Ivan Go Cabato, nicknamed a-plenty, depending on who calls. Mother calls him Xander, the father, Neo, aunts on the Agbulos side and some others call Boyette, a combination of parents’ names.

Baby will be named after his father, who was baptized Marxander Jaime, whose pet name is Boday (pronounced Bodey).

Baby’s mother, Iyette chose Ivan for an added name after her brother, whose intelligence she hopes is inherited by the child.

SS knows very little about the uncle, but does know that during his school and college days, was a consistent top of the heap.

And at a very tender age, he rose to become manager of Citibank, but still resigned to pursue further studies in the US, where he later became gainfully employed.

Not contented, he again quit and migrated to Germany for some more schooling, after which he landed in another gainful employment, and has long been based there. Don’t exactly know the nature of his job, except that he travels a lot from country to country and remains a bachelor, being yet in his late 30s.

Last year, in the company of his mother, Benjie and two aunts, Ivan, nicknamed Henessy, treated his niece, keyboardist’s granddaughter, too, to a tour of Europe as reward for her own academic excellence. The tour took all of one month.

Proud parents, Jaime “Boday” and Iyette will treat relatives and friends to a dual celebration following the church ceremonies — baptismal and sweet sixteenth birthday celebration of eldest daughter, Marxette Diane - at noon time today.

And if our Cabinet Chairman, Monggueh foregoes with his trip to Manila, the group will have a special get-together at our Baliwasan residence.

* * * *

Roberto Tiglao writes... there have been 20 countries with peaceful revolutions similar to our own ESDA uprising in 1986.

But it is only the Philippines, he says that such an event is celebrated, with all the  stage spectacles, speeches and parades. As a national holiday, to boot!

Accordingly, in contrast, Indonesia even had a bloody uprising when Suharto rated as the most corrupt political leader in the 20th century by Transparency International, seized power from Sukarno. Respected historians estimated that 500,000 Indonesians, mostly Chinese, were killed by the “pogrom” he ordered when he wrested power from Sukarno in 1965. About 1,000 Indonesians were killed by the police in people-power-like demonstrations that led to Suharto’s fall in 1998.

But Tiglao stressed, the event is not even observed in Indonesia.

He continues, the second iron-fisted dictator in Asia was Korea’s Park Chung Hee, who ruled for 17 years. His Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) was so bold and ruthless that it was known to have even kidnapped opposition Koreans abroad. Ironically, Park was shot pointblank and killed in a banquet by the KCIA director in 1979. After a two-year transition in which another military man ruled as an unelected leader, Korea went on to become a fully democratic state.

He asked, “Does Korea celebrate this transition, demonize Park and consider as hero the KCIA director who killed him?”

The answer, of course, in no!

* * * *

Whooops… article rests here for a while, to resume tomorrow morning. But from the looks of things, SS will end early, but still with considerable upon resumption. We’re already halfway through, that’s why.

And you guessed it right, session beckons. The Chairman has issued the call.

* * * *

It’s the 27th of February today, and article resumes grinding.

A strong likelihood for a machine-maneuvered cheating in the coming May 9 polls lurks in the corner.

That is the seeming semblance emerging before our eyes, as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is determined to discount the use of the compulsory Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) feature, even as it is mandated under Republic Act 9369 or the Automated Election Law.

This was bared yesterday by Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista, for the simple reason that the issuance of the receipt is difficult to do so at this time since voting machines to be used in the coming local and national elections are not designed for such purpose.

Huh! Not designed for that purpose. Garbage..! With billions of money spent to prepare for the electoral system and for the purchase of electronic machines, here comes this Bautista telling us they have to dispel the use of the compulsory safety feature, enshrined by law, to ensure a credible counting of votes. And with shallow a reason that the voting machines to be used in the coming local and national elections are not designed for such purpose.

Despite millions spent or over-spent. Such bull..!

Bautista further said the voting machines had been configured for the elections without considering the receipt that should be issued to voters right after they cast their ballots.

Then they must have configured the machines for another purpose - cheating!

Please note, the receipt is proof that names of candidates the people voted for from the President down to municipal councilors would be properly registered and accounted for.

For emphasis, repeat - the VVPAT will allow voters to verify if their ballots were cast correctly through the issuance of a receipt.

Without that, the election could be rigged.

* * * *

Acknowledged as part of the key players in the bloodless EDSA People Power Revolution ridiculed what they termed as posers and pretenders at its 30th anniversary celebration.

They are Vice President Jejomar C. Binay and Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, the UNA tandem for presidential and vice president in the coming polls.    Speaking in Pilipino, Binay said, some of them were leading the rites on stage when in fact they weren’t in EDSA that day.

For his part, Honasan said that he and Binay chose to skip the ceremonies in Manila, as it was dominated by fakes.

Binay was a human rights lawyer and a staunch supporter of former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino back in 1986. In one of her first acts as Philippine president after the revolt, Aquino appointed Binay as officer-in-charge of Makati City.

On the other hand, Honasan is a former leader of the renegade Reformed the Armed Forces Movement (RAM), and the group’s splintering from the regime of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos somewhat spelled its doom.

Asked if Binay was invited by the administration of President Aquino to attend Thursday’s rites at EDSA, the opposition chieftain merely shook his head, to signal a “NO”. (MB-fed )

* * * *

It’s a little past 9. Curtains up. Grandchild’s baptism is set for 10:00 am. Till next time around, folks…