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Sunday, 28 February 2016 15:15



Los Angeles, CA. — My non-lawyer idol is at it again. He has pointed out, as an expert legal analyst, certain inconsistencies in the official actions of Mayor Ma. Isabel G. Climaco-Salazar and Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde as regard to the misfortunes of Indigenous People’s representative in the city council, Ismael Musa. The question is: Did Mr. Musa err, as a political appointee, in swearing in as a member of the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP)?

If Mr. Musa’s expulsion from the local legislative body is within the provisions of the law, then it’s a non-issue because it will not affect the structure of the legislative body. It functioned without an IP representative for many years, did it not?

His removal, unceremonious as it is made to appear, is appealable, as argued by his attorney-in-fact, to the National Council of Indigenous People and, further, to the Court of Appeals (CA). That being the case, Mr. Musa needs of a lawyer if it is his desire to fight his case to the end and contest the decision of the mayor and the vice mayor to expel him from the city council.

The contentions or arguments raised by his honorable spokesman has nothing to do with his ouster. He only pointed out that the law requires an IP representative in the city council and that the mayor or vice mayor has no authority to pull his seat because that power belongs to the NCIP or the CA. To make it a valid issue, Mr. Musa should file a complaint with the ombudsman against the two highest local officials for abuse of authority. Cuento acabao.

But this verbal tussle of almost anything, significant or not, between the mayor and her former handler should stop. Justo ya! Making a mountain out of a plateau produces nothing good for Zamboanga. Nada. Let’s focus our attention to loading up the city council with thinking people — respectable, well-educated individuals — who can help generate an atmosphere of dynamism that we need to prep up our economy now suffering from water scarcity and uncontrolled power interruptions. Let’s free our city of encumbrances.

By the way, how many of the 17-point agenda of the local LDP have been fulfilled? Unity and solidarity can’t be a pledge anymore. Maintenance of law and order is always the main concern of politicians...until the next life. Criminality shall never be surmounted — not by Atty. Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Ping Lacson nor the gods of Mt. Olympus.

Incidentally... Southern Philippines Power Corp., a subsidiary of Alsons Power Group, will become a merchant plant by April when its Power Sales Agreement with the National Power Corporation ends. The plant has a generating capacity of 55 megawatts.

Also operating as a merchant plant now is the Western Mindanao Power Corp. located in Sangali that supplies Zamcelco with 50 megawatts. A third plant also owned by Alsons is the Mapalad Power Corp. with an output of 103MW that provides power to Zamboanga, General Santos, Pagadian, Butuan and Bayugan.

These three plants are also used as mid-peaking and peaking plants. They sometimes function for ancillary services for reactive-power support. (Credit everything I wrote in the last three paragraphs to Engr. Ruben Conti for providing the data.)