P-Noy admin arm-twisting continues PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 July 2011 14:26

When will the brickbats against the previous administration of then President and now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo stop?
This is the ten thousand dollar question majority of Filipinos want answered in the face of relentless grave-digging efforts the present administration of P-Noy is doing.
We don’t really need an honest answer to that $10,000 question.

What Pinoys really want are proactive administrative efforts from the P-Noy government and not trying to pin the little/lethal lady down or to some extent, putting men of the flock in a quandary courtesy of thy SUV gifts from GMA.

It was a presidential prerogative then of GMA and other past presidents of the land did that too. Perhaps, at this very moment, P-Noy may be awash with assorted requests for medical supplies, ambulance vehicles and others through the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

Being under the Office of the President, any president of the land can do just that – order the PCSO (or any other government agency under the OP) to release as she/he pleases to any LGU or to any entity he/she sees fit to receive thy presidential gift.
No question about it. No publicity about it. No nothing.

But alas, the P-Noy administration think tanks found something they can feed into the mind of the national media and the public at large to divert attention perhaps on widespread poverty, to divert their flaws, to divert anything bad about a sliding popularity, and above all else to put members of the clergy in a bad light, and of course, GMA! They call it diversionary tactics.
Of course, no matter how Malacanang tries at explaining about it, it shows the yarn about GMA giving bishops SUVs is nothing but negative publicity stunt to arm-twist them and the Catholic Church’s negative stand on P-Noy’s pet RH Bill.
What gives? By golly, wow…

Millions of Filipinos are jobless, millions are dying in hunger, millions have no homes, and millions are penniless!
Aren’t these more worthy for the P-Noy Administration to focus its attention on and that to our dear Senators? Enough of those in-aid-of-legislation grandstanding. Nothing works anyway.
Look what happened to the Senate’s inquiry into the AFP mess. Well, it just pushed a GMA-ally to commit the unthinkable. Nothing more.

Everybody knows nothing productive will happen to us ordinary people of the Philippine with P-Noy’s administration chasing GMA down the line even if they can collate truck-loads of evidence.
Do we need to tell P-Noy and his KKK (Kamag-anak/Ka-klase/Kabarilan) tribe that majority of justices at the SC were appointed by GMA? Where do you go from there when it’s the setup? Haven’t we heard of cases decided with finality only after five (5), 10 or 20 years? By then, GMA has had already been dealt with a friendly card!
By golly, wow…! Can we please put an end to all these?

The simple key to national progress is focus on more worthy endeavors. That’s what the country needs now!
One is: job generation projects.

Focus on this alone P-Noy would surely go down in history after his six-year term (now, there are only five more years remaining) as the only Filipino President who made it happen.
By then, we would say…”Take a bow Mr. President!,” “Ur d man!”

It’s still fresh in our minds when you said: “Kayo ang boss ko!” — 1st-APLUMAE/mail: esns03@yahoo.com