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Thursday, 28 October 2010 15:28

I have come to a point where my anxiety level goes up whenever I open a newspaper and yet I feel that I must know what’s in the news for the day. You might ask if this is a  part of my neurosis. I have to admit that, like all people, I am neurotic to a certain degree but this is not a manifestation.  My anxiety comes from the expectation of getting some more dose of calamity  or corruption expose’ or violence in the news reported, because most of the news in our newspapers or the TV  are about these kinds of  incidents in our country.

So it was happily different on Sunday, October 24. There were the usual news of the kind that I wish did not abound so but this time the issue also carried a couple of “happy” news.  Three  were actually on the front page.

One was the report on the Arboledas, a Filipino  family in the US,  who got their gift of a new house courtesy of the Extreme Makeover TV program. I watch this program too and many times I feel with the lucky recipients their joy at the happy turn in their fortune. I often times wind up being teary eyed and I wonder  how I would behave on camera if such a joyful event would happen to me.

The second happy news item was the award to  a member of the ADMU faculty by the Third World Academy of Sciences for her columns promoting understanding and appreciation of science.  I do not know Queena Lee Chua personally but I met her once when I was still with ADZU and she was still a young teacher at ADMU. Over the years I would read her column whenever I would chance to see it in the paper I would be reading. What happy news to know that someone has been recognized for her effort to make readers appreciate science. Having trained in a science myself and taught it for years  I know there are not so many who love science.

Then there was this item about a Filipino designer who won the grand prize at the 48th Japan Fashion Design Contest. The item said 2,500 joined the contest, 50 were finalists  and Jerome Allen Lorico won. A real feather in the Philippines’cap.

The 4th happy news was the forecast right on the nose by PAGASA on where Typhoon Juan would make landfall. In spite of a different  forecast by more technologically advanced weather groups PAGASA stood by its forecast which turned out to be correct and this helped to make the typhoon’s impact so much less dire. I felt good about this item because it proved me wrong – that indeed a government agency can do things right if it sets its mind to it. PAGASA had to experience a presidential ire to get things right, which somehow affirms what I believe in : that if an office and its head are held accountable the pressure is there to do better. Kudos to PAGASA.

I wish a day like October 24 happens more often as far as news are concerned.


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