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Thursday, 03 March 2016 13:56

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

A shooting incident of what is believed of mysterious origin occurred in the campus of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) last night, where an influential Saudi Arabian preacher was shot and wounded, with the supposed gunman killed by security forces.

And luck was with the visiting victim, Sheikh Aaidh al-Qarni, who was rushed to a hospital, following the shooting and was reported to be without life threatening injuries.

Police spokeswoman Senior Inspector Helen Galvez told reporters over the phone, the preacher is out of danger.

Travelling companion of Qarni was also wounded, Galvez said.

Saudi media outlets describe Qarni as a senior Islamic scholar. He has more than 12 million followers on Twitter.

Qarni is considered as among the most famous Saudi preachers. French academic Stepahane Lacroix, in his book “Awakening Islam, cited him as such.

Other details related to the saddening incident were not disclosed. No one has even made the least of a conjecture on the matter.

Police are still investigating the matter.

Zamboanga has been a frequent target of attacks by Muslim militant groups, with one of the major Muslim rebel groups dared raiding the city in 2013, triggering three weeks of clashes with government forces that MB reported to have “left more than 200 people dead.”

To most locals, that 200 people died during the 2013 armed encounter is an understatement. 200 of the marauders, is possible. But of civilians, a safe estimate could reach or surpass the 2,000 mark; discounting yet the thousands upon thousands displaced and millions of properties lost and damaged.

* * * *

Zamboanga Indigenous People’s Representative to the city council Ismael Musa is seeking the ouster of both Mayor Beng Climaco and Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde.

In a formal petition filed before the court Monday, charged the two officials for alleged grave abuse of authority.

Musa also asked the Court to nullify his removal and reinstate him as the Indigenous People’s representative to the City Council.

In her reply, Climaco said she merely acted on the decision of the National Commission on Indigenous People to remove Musa as IP Representative.

In a city hall press conference, Climaco said that her letter to Iturralde was for the purpose of information and appropriate action, and that the instruction was for the City Legal Office to inquire from the Comelec if the decision can be implemented immediately.

Musa, however said that he still had a legal remedy to file for a Motion for Reconsideration with the NCIP Regional Office before his removal was to be effective as IP Representative to the City Council.

NCIP’s decision was released last February 1, weeks after the Council of Elders asked for Musa’s removal after the latter took his oath before the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP.)

Musa however said that Climaco’s letter to Iturralde and City Council Secretary Zenaida Jayme was sent on February 2, the day after the NCIP handed down the decision.

Musa said the order of the NCIP was merely to respond to the petition filed by the Council of Elders and was not an order for his removal from the City Council.

He explained that a remedy is still available for him to file a Motion for Reconsideration for a period of fifteen days from the release of the NCIP decision.

This is the second time that Musa filed a complaint against Climaco and Iturralde.  The other week, the IP Rep filed a Disqualification case with the Commission on Elections against the two officials for his removal as IP Representative to the City Council.  (DZT-L. A.)

* * * *

Truly nice knowing that our local police, no matter how small in scale, are moving against drug dealers.

Recently, eight persons were arrested in 5 separate operations tagged as “one time, big time” in Labuan and Tumaga.

The police moved on the strength of search warrants issued the Regional Trial Court (RTC)

Operatives of the Labuan Police Station led by Chief Inspector Raymond Sanson, backed by troopers of Task Group Zamboanga yielded the arrest of Abner O. Alba and his wife, Nuraida Olavidez. Seized from their possession sachets of suspected shabu and some drug paraphernalia.

A second target effected the arrest of Kalim Sahibul and his wife, Saida Sahibul, and their son, Usman Sahibul. Same items as in the first operation were seized.

This was followed by a third that resulted in the arrest of Sattan Tahi, who just the same caught with similar items.

A fourth, led to the arrest of of Haiba Abdula, again nabbed with the same illegal items.  All were detained in the Labuan Police Station, pending the filing of appropriate charges.

In Sta. Maria, Supt. Haywien Salvado, supported by elements of the Public Safety Company under Supt. Areston Limus, jointly led a raid in Dulaca and Uranus Drives, in Tumaga. Targets were brothers Mark and Reynier E. Lingayan. However, only Mark was in their residence during the operation. Confiscated from him were 24 sachets of shabu and other drug paraphernalia. (DZT-Dan T.)

* * * *

TMT’s Rigoberto Tiglao writes that a New York Times article dubbed the Martial Law days under strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos as the “Golden Days”.

In a “man-on-the-street” quoting style of American Journalism, he said, a man was quoted as saying, “I think Marcos was our best President.”

The man was born two years after the dictator was overthrown. And he added, “That was the time when the Philippines was  the leader of Asia. We were respected.”

Tiglao continued, another interviewee was quoted, “… an employee of a Manila siding company, said, the fate of Imelda Marcos’ jewels was not a priority for her in the next election. She spends hours each day battling traffic to get to work and is frustrated by the current government. She said, she has stories of how orderly the country was during the Marcos years.

Tiglao expressed the view that so very few may have read the New York Times, and “it is this bungling onion-skinned President who drew everyone’s attention to it by reporting such a perception now... in his EDSA speech…”

Such “bungling onion-skinned President”, indeed, it so seems.

* * * *

This March 28 is D-day for Justices of the Supreme Court (SC) to submit their separate opinions on a disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe.

And per today’s report, it has become apparent that Justice Mariano del Castillo has indeed penned a ponente adverse to Sen. Grace Poe, which is - to say the least - declaring her unqualified for the Presidency due to lack of residency. This part reveals the truth - “According to well-placed sources of The Manila Times in the High Court, the justices themselves agreed to set the March 8 deadline to file their dissenting or concurring opinions, or “reflections” on a draft decision written by Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo.”

This is what saw print here yesterday, “… the Supreme Court is likely to disqualify Sen. Grace Poe from the presidential race.

It is said, Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, who was tasked to write the draft decision on the case at bar, believes that the latter should be disqualified for falling short on  the residency requirement.

TMT writes, per unimpeachable sources in the SC, del Castillo’s 70-page draft ponencia had been circulated among the 14 justices of the High Court.”

Just how the other justices would decide bears watching. March 8 it will be.

But then, SS cannot help but repeat, too, this other portion, as this country may really be thrown into a mess with his delayed SC ruling. Read on…

“And that SC decision, if indeed finalized as reported, may throw the country into chaos.

Per Comelec schedule, Poe’s name, at this point may not be able to be withdrawn from the ballots anymore . That would endanger the processes of the elections, for Comelec has reported that printing of the ballots will be finished even before its 15th April target.

With the name of Poe on the ballot, she could be voted upon. And with preparations of the automated electoral process over, her votes will automatically be counted. It cannot be stopped.

Considering some Pinoy thinking, protest and/or sympathy votes may likely set in and trigger her win.

Another instability in the offing.

Kilaya ya lang kita ste? (How does that leave us?)

Abangan..! (Keep watch. Or better still, brace up..!)

* * * *

Today’s piece was to sorely have missed today, SS’ researched items on newsworthy topics was improperly saved, so keyboardist had a hard time browsing over them.

Thank God some painstaking efforts did the job. Thank you, Lord.

Even its length cannot be monitored. Just played things by ear.