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Friday, 04 March 2016 14:27

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Just got  the confirmation today. The city has two new personalities  at the helm of prominent offices.

One is F/Chief Insp. Clint S. Cha, who now sits as Zamboanga City Fire District Fire Marshall.

The other is Engr. Santiago “Santi” Acuña, the newly-installed OIC General Manager of the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco).

Cha assumed the office vacated by F/SSup Dominador Zabala, who was promoted to Assistant Regional Director of BPF-9., while Acuña took over from Engr. Edgardo Ancheta, who with four others were suspended for three (3) months.

It was , however, learned that the latter five had filed a motion for consideration before NEA Manila.

It was written here a few days ago that the successful March 1 motorcade of the local BFP, ushering the Fire Prevention Month was “surmised” to be Zabala. It is safe then to write now, credit goes to Cha, who SS met and was assisted personally in Ozamiz, where he was Fire Marshall then.

To the officials, welcome and congratulations. So, it goes, too, for Col. Zabala.

* * * *

Remember the piece that cited here the determination and emerging dominance of 1-PACMAN?

It is still at it. Hot on the campaign trail.

Noticing, perhaps, the prominence given it in Sound Snipings (SS), one of its key personnel contacted us and gave more details of 1-PACMAN.

Thus, more was learned of the man behind 1-PACMAN, Dr. Mikee Romero. Lesser known is that Romero owns one of PBA’s most famous teams, Global Port; also know as Batang Pier.

Romero offered that he joined politics by way of the Party List 1-Pacman, because God had bountifully blessed him and his family, having landed as a big-time businessman. His family, he said, are well-positioned and  livinf in bliss. That they have all the comforts of life.

That, he explained made him pour all his attention to helping his poor countrymen, in the process giving employment, dwellings  and livelihood.

But, he lamented, his heart still yearns for more, adding he feels can do more for the country if 1-PACMAN earns a slot in Congress.

In government, he said, he can help all the more the youth, the unemployed, and those desirous of going to school.

On what he said as a no Manny Pacquiao hand in 1-PACMAN, he admitted that due to the latter’s credence to their advocacies, Pacquiao supports them, but that it is limited to endorsements of their party list. No money contributions involved, he added.

Modesty aside, he said, 1-PACMAN’s campaign is funded solely by him, stressing they do not solicit help  from big businesses in order that  they will owe no favors to anyone. That if they would accept money from prominent businesses, his work in Congress might be impeded.

He offered that he already has a legislative agenda on how to lower electricity costs that may be adverse to some business enterprises.

1-PACMAN, he goes on, pities the poor, who instead of buying food, have to shell out big sums of money for their electric bills.

One other thing, he rued, local and foreign financiers cannot be expected to invest much here as cost of electricity is excessive. That without investments, there will lesser job opportunities, triggering  him to rely solely on personal funds.

Emphasizing on their advocacies, 1-PACMAN reiterated, they will bring sports deep into every nook and corner of the barangays, noting that there are several Filipinos excelling in sports; that even in their youth, their potentials already shine. The problem is, they are not given the breaks.

So, while young, children with potentials must be taken cared of by government, such as being given proper nourishment and nutrition.

In education, more school buildings must be built. Libraries well furnished with books, modern electronic equipments with wifi capability. Kids in school must be fed well, Romero said, adding that in public schools, so many kids attend classes hungry and unshod. Those are matters that must be addressed, he said, explaining that in that state of being, the kids cannot be expected to study well and learn much.

For those in college, scholarship grants must be widened, and the intelligent ones sent by government abroad to specialize on the skills they excel.

On employment 1-PACMAN pointed out, an individual may be healthy, studied, but without work, and those are things, government should move to battle, by establishing and promoting big businesses to generate employment.

1-PACMAN also has ready justifications for choosing sports, education and employment for its advocacies.

It explained, these three fields are intertwined with one and the other. Needled up. When one is unschooled, he can hardly find a job or a good-paying one. And sports leads to good health and strength in mind and in body.

When one is unhealthy, he will find difficulty going to school. And one cannot also be expected to work. Health and strength are paired.

Asked if he will not be like other politicians, good only in making promises, Romero boldly answered that he is not a politician, that he is known for being a man of one word. He termed his word as “bond”.

Rest assured, he added, if 1-PACMAN is blessed with a win, as soon as Congress opens, he will lay down immediately all his legislative agenda for the youth and the needy.

That is resoluteness by any description. That is 1-PACMAN.

* *  * *

So, the travelling companion of the famous Saudi preacher who were both shot and wounded here is a diplomat, Sheikh Turki Assaegh, holding the post of a religious attaché of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manila.

The preacher is Sheikh Dr. Aaidhibn Abdullah al-Qarni.

While at this point, certain details of the shooting have been bared, nothing really is sure as what is behind its motive.

It was reported, though that preaching Sheik had “previously called a jihad against American forces in Iraq and Israel.”, but nothing is yet certain.

The case is still under investigation.

While, the gunman was shot dead, two others were nabbed purportedly scaling the university wall in an apparent move to escape after the shooting. They were tagged as Junaide Saleh and Mujer Abubakar and taken into police custody for investigation of possible involvement in the attack.

* * * *

Further, developments show that indeed, the ponencia draft of Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo carries the verdict that Sen. Grace Poe is unqualified to run for president due to residency. But the position of all others are yet unknown.

And the Supreme Court (SC) is irked due to the unauthorized leakage of the subject document to TMT, as it sought to look for “clues” on how the ponencia was leaked.

D   el Castillo claims the ponencia was placed inside a sealed envelope and marked “confidential.