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Monday, 07 March 2016 13:40

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Today’s piece could definitely be brief. Writing time is 9:16 am, as this was preceded with the hearing of mass at the Baliwasan Chapel, and this will be followed by a trip to Patalon for the anniversary celebration of its Guardians chapter in that barangay at about 10:30 am.

Two points along this line.

One, the Nuestra Sra. La Virgen del Pilar Chapel in Baliwasan barangay is undergoing its final stage of repair. But according to Fr. Angel Angeles, the parish lacks funds to finish the task.

Good Samaritans then may please contact Fr. Angel directly at the Claret Convent in San Jose for possible donations. He has the bill of materials for chapel’s remaining needs. Or they may also contact SS for details at cell phone no. 0917 307 8089 / 0939 272 7115 or 926 3827.

Two, the Guardians Brotherhood is now unified under the United Guardians Federation of Zamboanga City. And anytime next month, the federation is set to hold its summit in this city.

Keyboardist Jimmy was yesterday formally endorsed as a member thereof, no less than by its President, FGNF Founder Robie Sardenia. Present was Council Adviser SGF Alpha Alpha Hado Edding.

* * * *

Not that he is my son. But it is of what has been accomplished and what more can be accomplished that SS gives prominence to this item.

The novel of an idea strategized by Baliwasan Barangay Captain Jaime “Boday” Cabato, a mini Fire Buster, bore instant fruit, barely a day upon its delivery and test-run.

The mini Fire Buster is an improvised 1-tonner water tank pulled by a three-wheeled 200-cc motorcycle that can penetrate eskinitas (strips of lanes going into interiors)

It was put to actual test Wednesday last when a fire broke out in the Seaside area, a heavily populated zone. The moment the incident was reported to the barangay hall, Cabato led a team of responders with their new acquisition.

When at the fire scene, tanods immediately put the fire buster into action.

Already ablaze, the fire was soon after, quelled. And quickly!

And what would have turned into another costly and destructive conflagration was thereupon averted.

We do not undermine the capability of our local fire protection department, but had the barangay waited for firemen’s response from town, the fire could have spread at any moment’s notice to the nearby houses that stand elbow-to-elbow inside, where no fire truck could penetrate, as entrance to it is only some three meters wide or even less.

Friends, the Boday-conceptualized mini Fire Buster, purchased thru the Barangay’s Diasater Risk Reduction Funds, has proved its worth.

One other point evidenced, Boday, servicio everyday.

* * * *

The tandem of Mriam Defensor-Santiago and Ferdinand “Bongbong Marcos, Jr. is definitely of one stand on the West Philippine Sea conflict with China.

Earlier on, it was Marcos who first said his piece, now it’s Santiago’s turn.

Amid renewed Chinese aggression, presidential candidate Miriam Defensor Santiago on Thursday said that the Philippines under her administration will take a more proactive approach in resolving the West Philippine Sea dispute.

It has been reported that China had stationed up to five ships in the contested Quirino atoll, barring access to Filipino fishermen, a move which Santiago said highlights failure of negotiations despite ongoing international arbitration.

Santiago said  government seems to solely rely on the international tribunal now hearing the memorial it has filed against China, anticipating a favorable ruling.

She explained, it is false that the arbitral tribunal may decide on the Philippine side in the face of China’s distancing itself from the application of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Articles 297 and 298.

The two UNCLOS articles outline the cases that may be submitted for arbitration, as well as the limits of jurisdiction. Article 298 particularly states that “a State may… declare in writing that it does not accept any one or more of the procedures…”

And China is not participating in the talks.

“The dispute with China requires a second level of diplomacy as the other party takes keen interest in bilateral negotiation bordering on conciliation, relying on the principles set forth in the UNCLOS, Part XV, Section 1,” Santiago said.

The UNCLOS, Article 280, gives states the right to “…agree at any time to settle a dispute between them concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention by any peaceful means of their own choice.”

And Santiago hit the current administration for relying heavily on U.S. support to deter Chinese expansionism, noting that both military giants have interests in controlling the West Philippine Sea.

Santiago said her administration will not depend on U.S. support to resolve a dispute with a neighboring country. “If elected, I will negotiate with China together with other Asian countries,” she added.(With MB reports)